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Park Bo Gum reveals sweet letter after being discharged from the military service

The Korean actor Park Bo gum is finally back!  He is greeting the fans with an emotive letter.

Park Bo Gum was enlisted in the Korean mandatory service in August 2020. He has been serving in the navy since then.

His fans are finally celebrating that the actor is going back to his civilian status. The public is anxious to see him again in the K-Dramas. Although he hasn't confirmed any project, at least the fanatics are really happy to receive his meaningful letter.

Actor Park Bo Gum / By @Ria70096281

We are telling you everything he said.

Par Bo Gum is melting the hearts of the fans with a lovely letter

On April 30th Park Bo Gum posted on his official fancafe "Bo Gum Welfare Department" a letter. The actor expressed his happiness to be with the fans again during the spring he added:

Thank you so much to everyone in the Bo Gum Welfare Department for becoming my  forever friend in this vast world that brings me strength and expresses your endless love and support.

The artist revealed the things he has been doing like work out and read. He also explained that his time in the Korean navy was really important for him.

They were good times thanks to the gentleman I met who respected and considerate each other.

Park Bo Gum at fanmeeting / By @eukybeardrama

Park Bo Gum revealed that he is focus on learning more about himself. He concluded the letter with some wishes for the fans:

I hope that you will be able to spend your days peacefully, smiling at the end of each day.

Let's be together again in the shining future.

He is so sweet! Are you waiting for Park Bo gum's next project?

Check here what will be his first public activity after being discharged.

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