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Park Bo Gum is finally back to host the 'Baeksang Arts Awards' 2022

The beloved actor just did his first public appearance after finishing his mandatory service in the Korean navy. He was the host for the "Baeksang Arts Awards".

In October 2020 the K-Drama "Record Of Youth" finished. Since then the fans of the actor Park Bo Gum have been waiting to see him again on a new project. The artist haven't confirm anything, but at least the public is happy because he is back.

 On April 30th Park Bo Gum was discharged from the Korean military service. As soon as he got back with the civilian state he posted a sweet letter in order to greet the fans.

Finally he is taking the stage again to host the "Baeksang Arts Awards". This is what happened during the event.

Park Bo Gum at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony / By @Evabogummy616

Park Bo Gum makes his first public appearance hosting for the "Baeksang Arts Awards"

The ceremony for the "Baeksang Arts Awards" 2022 was held on May 6. Park Bo Gum, Suzy and Shin Dong Yup worked together hosting the event. The netizens are giving the actor the welcome to public life.

Hosts of the Baeksang Arts Awards / By @Mis_kdramas

Meanwhile the Korean public has been talking on social media about the amazing visual duet Suzy and Park Bo Gum create on the screen. There is no doubt their chemistry is pretty good, just look at the making a heart together.

Baeksang Arts Awards 2022 ceremony / By @fujiiumzaa

Both actors will be starring a new movie called "Wonderland". There is not too much information about the premiere but, is this event giving us a hint that the release date is coming soon?

This is the second time that this celebrity trio hosts the "Baeksang Arts Awards". The first time was in 2020. For last year's ceremony Park Bo Gum couldn't join the event due to his military service. Now he is back and the public is loving it.

A few days ago, Park Bo Gum dropped a meaningful letter for his fans. Read in this article what he said.

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