Park Bo Gum is ready to comeback from military service Park Bo Gum is ready to comeback from military service

Park Bo Gum is about to finish military service, what's the first thing he will do?

Park Bo Gum is ready to come back after completing his military service and we'll see him as soon as he's discharged

It's been a while since Park Bo Gum had to leave the spotlight and focus on his military service, but we can celebrate now that it's almost done and he'll be ready to be with his fans once he's back.

Park Bo Gum is an amazing actor, we've seen him in several K-Dramas such as 'Encounter', 'Love in the Moonlight' and the last one was 'Record Of Youth' in 2020. Since then, he had to stop with his acting activities due to him starting with military service.

Bo Gum was part of the navy and fans saw him a couple of times during these years on official photos from the troop he was in. We even got to know that he learned something new during this time as he took a barbering course and successfully graduated from it.

At the beginning of 2022, it was known that Park Bo Gum left the army since he didn't took vacations and he decided to do it when the service was over. But he wasn't still able to come to the spotlight once again, so fans were waiting for the official discharment date.

The countdown for Park Bo Gum's comeback has begun and he's ready to share some time with fans and other actors as soon as his discharged from the military service.

Park Bo Gum to host 58th Baeksang Arts Awards as first activity after discharge from military

Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo Gum's agency, stated that the actor is going to host 58th Baeksang Arts Awards as his first activity after dischargement from military service. This ceremony will recognize the best actors, actresses, series and films of Korea.

Park Bo Gum's first activity after military service | Twitter: @GeniusW616

 Park Bo Gum has already hosted the Baeksang Arts Awards, from 2018 to 2020 he was a part of the hosts for this ceremony and we'll see him back again after a couple years.

When will the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards be held?

On May 6, 2022 the ceremony of the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards will take place, Park Bo Gum is discharged from military service on April 30, so a week after this he'll be hosting these awards. We can't wait to see him back and with a new and fresh energy.

58th Baeksang Arts Awards | Twitter: @ouhmiyaa

Park Bo Gum's big comeback is almost here! And we can't wairt for him to resume his acting activities, maybe he'll appear in a new K-Drama soon.

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