Park Bo Gum helped V and Lisa's fans Park Bo Gum helped V and Lisa's fans

Park Bo Gum helped ARMY and BLINK fulfill their dreams with V and Lisa

BTS' V, BLACKPINK's Lisa, and Park Bo Gum are together in France, how did the actor help idol fans?

Park Bo Gum showed the most beautiful of his heart by helping the fans of BTS's Taehyung and BLACKPINK's Lisa to fulfill their dreams and be noticed by their idols in some way.

Celine invited three of our favorite Korean stars to Paris Fashion Week. On the one hand we have Tehyung who is part of BTS, he with his great style will be present at the gala and will delight everyone with his participation, we have it very clear. He is already in France with the other guest stars.

We will also be seeing Lisa, one of the BLACKPINK idols who is actually a brand ambassador for Celine, so her participation in PFW will be even more interesting. And next to these two K-Pop idols will also be a great Korean actor that we have seen in a lot of our favorite K-Dramas.

Park Bo Gum is the last of these celebrities to be at Paris Fashion Week. The three stars traveled together on a private jet from Korea to France. They landed together and there were thousands of fans waiting to see them outside the airport. The support is always noticeable internationally in this type of event.

But perhaps V and Lisa could not notice all their fans at the airport, although there is nothing to worry about because Bo Gum took it upon himself to help ARMY and BLINK to fulfill their dreams with both idols of K-Pop groups.

Park Bo Gum helped V and Lisa fans get noticed by both idols upon their arrival in France

As previously mentioned, when V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum arrived in France, there were many fans waiting for them outside the airport. They came by and waved, but there were obviously a lot of people there, so they couldn't notice everyone. But Bo Gum was so cute that he collected some gifts and letters addressed to BTS and BLACKPINK idols from fans to give them later.

Park Bo Gum helpinkg V's fans | Twitter: @safehavenkthjjk

Bo Gum also collected letters for Lisa, the actor was very nice to notice the fans and let them know that the idols would surely receive what they had been brought.

Park Bo Gum also got letters for Lisa | Twitter: @lalisadebuts

Lisa and V fans internationally are praising Park Bo Gum for his beautiful attention

Park Bo Gum is a true gentleman and charmed all of Lisa and V's fans internationally who now praise him for his cute demeanor. By taking the time and having the attention to take those gifts and cards that the fans brought to the idols. They don't call him 'Nation's Man of Good Influence' in Korea for nothing.

Park Bo Gum is complimented internationally | Twitter: @namlovesbogum

Park Bo Gum is really an angel, we love that he also took the time to give autographs and so on to more fans, he is a very beautiful person.

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