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Park Bo Gum becomes the actor with the highest paid endorsement contract in the industry

The actor Park Bo Gum renew his contract with the fashion brand Eider. His modeling contract is the highest in the industry.

As you may know, Korean celebrities take seriously their roles as influencers. When an artist gets enough popularity, brands of any kind of product look for them to sign contracts. They will be the best models.

One of the most famous actors of the Hallyu wave is Park Bo Gum. The beloved artist has fans all over the world thank to his participation in popular K-Dramas such as "Love in the Moonlight " and "Encounter".

Park Bo Gum in Paris / Twitter @TrcCu1

At the same time, he is an admired fashionista. Not that long ago, we saw him driving the fans crazy with his look at the Paris Fashion Week 2022. Let's be honest, he looks like a professional model. He just received the highest pay for an endorsement contract.

Park Bo Gum is the best-paid model in the industry

On July 20th Eider Korea announced that Park Bo Gum renew his endorsement contract with the fashion brand. The actor has been working with the French company since 2017 as the main model.

Park Bo Gum for 'Eider' / Twitter @imflowersspace

This collaboration was so popular that he got the nickname "human Eider". The brand is famous for its outdoor pieces. After Bo Gum appeared as the model, the padded jacket of this brand is called "Park Bo Gum padding" among Korean clients.

It makes sense that the label offered to him the highest pay for the endorsement campaign in the industry. According to Eider, the actor will start his model activities in the next few months.

Park Bo Gum is the face of Eider / Twitter @Venus61605797

This duet is insane! We have already the first pictures of the new Eider campaign. As usual, Park Bo Gum looks super handsome. His popularity is massive, for sure he is the most effective ambassador.

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