Jin Ha unleashes controversy all over Pachinko Jin Ha unleashes controversy all over Pachinko

Pachinko is surrounded by controversy over actor Jin Ha's past behavior

Pachinko has just been premiered and is generating controversy due to actor Jin Ha and his dark past

With great joy, drama fans received the premiere of 'Pachinko' on Apple TV +, but the controversy was not long in coming when it was revealed that actor Jin Ha of the cast was hiding something he had done in the past.

Many fans were excitedly awaiting the premiere of the new Pachinko series, as Lee Min Ho stars in his first role as a villain. This new drama will be launching its chapters through the Apple TV + platform, since this was the producer in charge of creating this new K-Drama.

The series revolves around the generational story of a family that leaves their homeland to prosper and survive. In this story, we will meet Ko Hansu, a merchant who has ties to organized crime and his evil is even greater as he begins an affair with an innocent girl while he already has a family.

The premiere of Pachinko took place on March 25, 2022, the actors of the cast went through a great red carpet and everyone celebrated this new release on Apple TV +. In addition to Lee Min Ho, the cast also includes Youn Yuh Jung, Jung Eun Chae, and Jin Ha, for example.

And it was precisely because of the actor Jin Ha that a controversy was sparked involving Pachinko, what did this celebrity do in his past? Something that perhaps the public will not let go.

Jin Ha from Pachinko and his dark past that filled controversy at the premiere of this drama

A few hours after the premiere of Pachinko, Jin Ha's dark past came to light. It turns out that this actor used to have a photography blog, but it was not a common blog, it was about images that he took without the consent of older women and posted them on said site.

IIn addition, it had quite a few sexualizing comments written by the actor himself, the public was shocked to learn of Jin Ha's behavior that perhaps no one had suspected.

Jin Ha's blog | Twitter: @pannchoa

Many people even said that they would stop watching this drama upon realizing what the actor had done. Harassing behavior is reprehensible and it is obvious that the public will not support this type of person.

Pachinko's Jin Ha apologizes and closes his blog

Following the controversy, actor Jin Ha decided to apologize for his terrible behavior in the past and also deleted the blog that had been captured to expose him. In the statement he acknowledges that he invaded the privacy of the women he photographed. He recognized his mistakes and expects an apology from the public that once trusted him. 

Jin Ha apologized | Twitter: @KashiwagiArina

The actor closed his official social networks, Pachinko continues to offer its press conferences, but it is in doubt that Jin Ha will continue to be part of them. 

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