Song Kang for 'Seet Home' Song Kang for 'Seet Home'

Netflix confirms 'Sweet Home' 2nd and 3rd seasons with the original cast and more

The popular Netflix show "Sweet Home" is coming back! The cast for seasons 2 and 3 have been confirmed.

Last year Netflix was the creator of various shows that were a global sensation. The streaming platform working with Korean production is an unstoppable duet. "All Of Us Are Dead", "Squid Game" and "Sweet  Home" are the best horror shows on the platform.

This last one is an interesting series inspired by a webtoon. It follows the story of various building neighbors that will be forced to face the apocalypse together. In this world, zombies do not exist but people become lethal monsters.

'Sweet Home' promotional / Twitter @martinadaro1

This thriller has a lot of action, mystery, and horror. On the other hand, we can find a deep message hidden behind tons of symbols. Those monsters show the worst part of a person. Finally, this addictive story will continue with a second season!

'Sweet Home' is coming back for the seasons 2 and 3

On June 15th Netflix revealed that the second season of Sweet Home will be here pretty soon. Also, the cast from the original series will be back. Netflix's son, actor Song Kang is taking the lead role again as Hyun Soo.

'Sweet Home' 2 and 3 cast / Twitter @NetflixKR

Lee Jin Wook, Leee Si Young, Go Min Si and Park Gyu Young will participate in the project as well. At the same time, the platform confirmed the production of a third season, so there will be new characters.

We'll meet the captain of the special forces played by Yoo Oh Sung, and more soldiers by the actors Kim Young Hoo and Park Chan Young. It seems like this time the show will explain the reason for this sickness, there will be a lab scientist played by Oh Jung Se.

Both upcoming seasons will be directed by Lee Eung Bok, who took the direction of Sweet Home 1. The actors who will be working in the series are already promoting the project. We are waiting for the release date to be announced. Are you looking forward to it?

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