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Netflix confirms 2nd season of 'All of Us Are Dead', when will be the premiere?

The global sensation "All Of Us Are Dead" is coming back for a second season. Here is all the information about the Netflix original series.

The movies and series about Zombies are quite common. Hollywood has offered tons of products with this topic in common. However for those who loved the horror and action of the zombies never is enough.

Nevertheless, last year the Korean industry made the Intenet crazy with the popular show "All of Us Are Dead". This Netflix original show took the zombie genre to mix it with a social exploration. 

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This series follows the story of a group of friends that are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in their high school. Everything orbits around the dangerous creatures, but at the same time, we saw how the script explained to us various social issues such as bullying.

The story is addictive, all the episodes are truly well-made. The production is awesome, the scenarios are always on point. The plots of all the characters are emotive and interesting, and of course, the performance of the actors is flawless.

Finally, season 2 will be here pretty soon. We have all the information for you.

"All of Us Are Dead" is coming back for a second season

On June 6th Netflix revealed that the second season of "All of Us Are Dead" has been confirmed. Apparently, all the actors who portray the survivors' characters will be back.

Netflix dropped a video with the messages of the protagonists of the show. Just like their characters, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yihyun, Lomon, and Park Ji Hu recorded themselves sending some words to the public.

That's not all, the streaming platform also gave us a short clip. Here we can see the classic shoot of this show where we see tons of zombies filmed from the air. Netflix added:

Can we meet the survivors of Hyosan High again?

It seems like the production already started to record something. Stay tuned to know the release date to be announced pretty soon. We'll have all the details for you.

While we are waiting for it, check these K-Pop songs with zombie concepts. You need them on your playlist.

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