Nam Joo Hyuk for Equire Nam Joo Hyuk for Equire

Nam Joo Hyuk's agency talks about second bullying allegations against the actor

The actor Nam Joo Hyuk is facing a new accusation of school violence. His agency, Management SOOP is denying the allegations.

Bullying is a big social issue. School violence can make a big scar on someone's life. Right now, it is a hot topic in Korean society. The government and citizens have been taking care of this problem for the past few years.

For sure, society needs to give space for the voice of the victims. However, this situation should be treated with caution, a false accusation can affect an innocent person. Last year there were tons of allegations against Korean celebrities. Too many were groundless.

Nam Joo Hyuk for Esquire / Twitter @jjwohyuk

Just a few days ago a Korean media shared the story of a person who said being bullied by the actor Nam Joo Hyuk during their school days. Immediately, his agency took legal action against the false accusation. Now, there is a new allegation of a second accuser.

Nam Joo Hyuk is accused of school violence by a second person

On June 28th another Korean media dropped an interview with a person who attended the same high school as Nam Joo Hyuk. This person decided to talk about his experience after seeing that the first allegation was denied by the agency of the actor.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk / Twitter @jjwohyuk

The second testimony alleged the actor used to force him to do errands. The person added that Nam Joo Hyuk used her/his cellphone to buy games. In his/her words, the actor had the smartphone more often than the owner.

The accuser said that he asked for the money the actor spent on games but he never paid it back. The testimony also revelrevealeded that Nam Joo Hyuk and his friends force the accuser to fight someone else. Apparently, it was a punishment for didn't accept their requests.

After the release of this news, Management SOOP talked again about the issue. The agency said checked the information and it is false. What do you think about it?

Do you want to know more about the first allegations? Here's all the information.

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