Nam Joo Hyuk faces school bullying accusations Nam Joo Hyuk faces school bullying accusations

Nam Joo Hyuk is accused of school bullying, what did his agency state about it?

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk has been accused of school bullying, and his agency has responded to this

What's going on with Nam Joo Hyuk? The actor was accused of being a school bully, what has his agency said about these accusations?

Nam Joo Hyuk is a popular K-Drama actor, he debuted in 2014 with the series 'The Idle Mermaid'. Since then, her acting career has been on the rise and she has participated in other dramas, of which we can highlight 'The School Nurse Files', 'The Bride of Habaek' or 'Start-Up', which have become favorites of the fans.

With the popularization of Korean dramas, Joo Hyuk has become extremely popular all over the world, and we know that he now has a lot of international fans who always support him in his series, projects, collaborations with brands, and so on. Although also, this actor has not been spared from controversies at all.

Previously, actor Kim Ji Soo was accused of bullying at school, and since he is best friends with Nam Joo Hyuk, a lot of people were throwing hate comments at Joo Hyuk for their friendship. Something that his fans defended at the time of him asking that he not be involved in a controversy that was not his.

But this time, Nam Joo Hyuk is the one who received accusations about school bullying, was he really violent towards his schoolmates? His agency has spoken about these accusations that the actor has received.

Nam Joo Hyuk has accusations of bullying at school, what did Management SOOP say about it?

An anonymous person accused Nam Joo Hyuk of school bullying, according to the testimony he was a bully for 6 years from middle school to high school. The witness showed his yearbook as proof that he was in the same class as the Korean actor. He said that he was little bullied but that there are victims of Joo Hyuk who are going to the psychologist and cannot watch television due to the traumas left by the actor.

Nam Joo Hyuk in high school, was he a bully? | Twitter: @kdramaboop

These accusations are all over K-Media, so Management SOOP, the actor's agency, was quick to issue a statement about these accusations. The company that Nam Joo Hyuk works with stated that this testimony is false.

We are sorry for the media outlet's unilateral reporting that did not even go through a single fact check with the agency or the actor before the story was published

Management SOOP to take legal action against media and anonymous that made false accusations against Nam Joo Hyuk

The actor's agency also stated that legal action will be taken against the outlet and the person who made these false accusations against Nam Joo Hyuk without even checking the information with the agency first. In addition, he asked that these rumors not spread further, which only damaged the image and reputation of the K-Drama actor.

 They will be held responsible for seriously damaging his reputation with false reports, and we will also apply for the correction of information with the Press Arbitration Committee against the media outlet involved. We will file criminal charges against reporters and anonymous informants

Nam Joo Hyuk is protected by his agency | Twitter: @kdramaboop

Nam Joo Hyuk's agency has then clarified that these accusations are definitely false, we hope that the actor does not receive any more rumors against him that only damage his image and take a hit to his reputation.

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