The Sound Of Magic's main characters The Sound Of Magic's main characters

Meet the main characters of The Sound of Magic, Hwang In Yeop's new drama

A new drama is coming up, 'The Sound Of Magic' will feature the talents of Hwang In Yeop, Ji Chang Wook, and more. These are its characters

'The Sound Of Magic' will be a new fantasy drama that you don't want to miss, so meet all of its characters who will be played by actors like Hwang In Yeop, Ji Chang Wook, and more.

Month after month, new dramas are released that we cannot stop watching. The talents of our favorite actors are once again present in new productions that will simply captivate the public with their plots and characters within them.

'The Sound Of Magic', a new fantasy drama which is actually based on Ha Il-kwon's 'Annarasumanara' webtoon, will premiere very soon. This new series has been exciting many fans since its announcement and we can't wait to find out more about what it will have in its history.

This K-Drama is about a girl who dreamed of becoming a magician, but now she just has to work and study to take care of herself and her sister. Everything will change when she, along with one of her classmates, meets Lee Eul, a mysterious magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park. He will encourage both students to follow their dreams.

The synopsis of 'The Sound Of Magic' is already quite captivating and we can't wait to watch it, here you can find out everything about the characters that the actors in the cast will play. In this we find Hwang In Yeop, Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun.

Everything about the characters of The Sound Of Magic, a new fantasy drama you'll love

 Yoon Ah Yi is a girl who believed in magic when she was little, everything changed when her father's business was a failure and he left her with her little sister. Now, she must take care of both while she works and studies. Choi Sung Eun said that she hopes that the public can sympathize with Yoon Ah Yi, as she did and hopes that we all manage to put ourselves in her shoes.

Yoon Ah Yi | Twitter: @TheAnnyeongOppa

 Hwang In Yeop's character in The Sound of Magic is Na Il Deung, a dedicated student who actually became top of his class, but he really doesn't know what he wants. Although everything will change when he knows the magic with Yoon Ah Yi. For the actor, his character has a rare charm.

Na Il Deung  | Twitter: @TheAnnyeongOppa

Lee Eul is a magician with great abilities, but he is also quite strange, since he lives in an abandoned amusement park. It may be easier for those who believe in it, but will it make them believe in magic? For Ji Chang Wook, his character knows neither right nor wrong when he acts and follows his feelings without questioning the causes or reasons.

Lee Eul | Twitter: @TheAnnyeongOppa

When will The Sound Of Magic be premiered?

'The Sound Of Magic' will be premiered on May 6, 2022 through Netflix, this platform will have the K-Drama and its entire history available with these great characters that we just met, so you can't miss it.

The Sound Of Magic | Twitter: @gingertorte

We can't wait to see this new fantasy drama, it will have some amazing characters and the best thing is that it will be available on Netflix.

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