Lee Tae Hwan is enlisting today Lee Tae Hwan is enlisting today

Lee Tae Hwan to start military service, the actor said goodbye to his fans

Actor Lee Tae Hwan will be temporarily inactive as he leaves to fulfill his mandatory military service

Fans of Lee Tae Hwan see him say goodbye as the actor is going to enlist in the army to fulfill his mandatory military service, this is how he said goodbye to his fans.

Lee Tae Hwan is a Korean actor who was born on February 21, 1995. He debuted in acting in 2013 as a cast member of the drama 'After School: Lucky or Not'. Since then his career on South Korean television has been growing and we have seen him in some other series like 'My Golden Life', 'What ’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?' and most recently on 'Thirty Nine'.

In addition, Tae Hwan has also worked in some films for Korean cinema, his big screen debut was in 2016 with the film 'Su saek'. With the popularization of Korean series and movies, he has gained thousands of fans internationally thanks to his amazing work as an actor.

This year, Lee Tae Hwan celebrated his 28th anniversary for Korea and 27th for the rest of the world. And as expected, he is ready to start his mandatory military service. Something that a lot of our favorite K-Pop and drama stars have to go through as it is an obligation as a Korean citizen.

So actor Lee Tae Hwan had to say goodbye to his fans to enlist in the army. He will be inactive for some time but he will return to continue delighting us with his best performances.

Lee Tae Hwan says goodbye to his fans to start his mandatory military service

Through his official Instagram account, Lee Tae Hwan made a farewell post for his fans. He will be leaving temporarily to fulfill his mandatory military service, the actor will enlist in the army and is ready for this stage of his life. He promises to come back and be healthy to continue giving his best to his fans.

I will keep only happy memories in my heart and return in good health. I’ll greet you again with a brave and mature side! Thank you

Lee Tae Hwan will enlist in the army | Twitter: @lthtw

Tae Hwan's fans will give him their full support during this stage as they know that it is difficult to stop his activities and fulfill these obligations.

How long will Lee Tae Hwan be inactive for his military service?

If Lee Tae Hwan fulfills his military service as a soldier, December 2023 could be his discharge date from the army. Well, the minimum time is 1 year and 6 months, so fans will have to wait for that period of time so that he can return to his activities as an actor. Maybe it will be until 2024 when we can see him in a new K-Drama.

Lee Tae Hwan mightt come back at the end of 2023 | Twitter: @_fatiu_

So we hope that everything goes well for Lee Tae Hwan, we will be waiting for his return and support him during this stage in his life.

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