Lee Min Ho will be starring in Ask The Stars Lee Min Ho will be starring in Ask The Stars

Lee Min Ho to star in Ask the Stars, what will his new drama be about?

Ask The Stars will be a new drama that Lee Min Ho will star alongside Gong Hyo Jin, what will this new series be like?

Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin have been confirmed as part of the cast of the new drama 'Ask The Stars', what adventure will the actor have in this upcoming K-Drama?

Lee Min Ho is one of the most beloved and famous actors in South Korea, his participation in dramas and movies has made millions of fans enjoy his acting career and never stop supporting each new project or production of this great celebrity.

Lee Min Ho's most recent K-Drama is 'Pachinko', an Apple TV+ series in which Minho had his first role as a villain, playing a new character that has surprised many of his fans. 2022 has started brilliantly for this actor and his fans are waiting for more from him in the rest of the year.

Lee Min Ho continues to work and strive to demonstrate more of his facets in front of the cameras, his already extensive career continues to lengthen with new projects, series, movies and others that will have his audience happy to see him in the spotlight. Without a doubt, there is still much to see of this Korean actor.

And we will see him in a new drama, it is 'Ask The Stars' which has already confirmed Lee Min Ho as part of its cast. What will this next series be about?

Lee Min Ho confirmed as a part of the cast for Ask The Stars, a new rom-com drama you shouldn't miss

It's official! We already have the next drama in Lee Min Ho's career, it's about 'Ask The Stars' that will flood your screen with its romantic comedy, this next K-Drama is about an astronaut and a tourist who meet at a station space and fall in love, how will their love story unfold?

Lee Min Ho will star in Ask The Stars | Twitter: @caramelhershey

Gong Hyo Jin will co-star in Ask The Stars with Lee Min Ho, what will their chemistry be like on screen? We can't wait to see them together in this new series.

When will Ask The Stars be premiered?

There is still no exact date for the premiere of 'Ask The Stars', but it is expected to be until 2023 when we can see this complete series. At this stage the cast is barely being confirmed, filming will begin later, so there is still time to wait.

Ask The Stars might be premiered in 2023 | Twitter: @caramelhershey

We just have to wait to find out more details about Lee Min Ho's new drama and see all its episodes that will have a high quality thanks to Minho's exceptional performance.

But while you're waiting, you can keep reading more about Lee Min Ho, did you know that he impressed Pachinko's showrunner

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