Lee Min Ho as Ko Hansu in Pachinko Lee Min Ho as Ko Hansu in Pachinko

Lee Min Ho reveals what gave him confidence about his character in Pachinko

In Pachinko Lee Min Ho played a villain for the first time, what gave him confidence to play Ko Hansu?

Lee Min Ho is a very professional actor and each of his characters has shown it in each new series, what made Ko Hansu special? This gave Minho confidence in Pachinko.

The professionalism that Lee Min Ho has is simply amazing, in each new series or movie in which this Korean actor works, we will find a new role that will end up conquering the public thanks to his amazing skills in front of the cameras.

Minho has a long career in which he has shown many of his facets and his characters allow the audience to see his adaptability and variability when it comes to acting. There are many Lee Min Ho K-Dramas that we can enjoy and where we will admire all of his skills.

Maybe you already have a favorite character played by Lee Min Ho, and he always tried different roles. Until Pachinko, where he had his first character as a villain that ended up showing a new facet of this great actor on an international level.

Ko Hansu is Lee Min Ho's character in Pachinko, and the Korean actor revealed what gave him the confidence to take on this role and make it his own since he read the script.

This is what gave Lee Min Ho confidence to act in Pachinko as Ko Hansu

Lee Min Ho confessed that there were various aspects of Pachinko's Ko Hansu that he could relate to, this allowed him to execute his character in the drama much better, as he followed his instinct with passion ever since he started reading the script for the series.

I just have to execute and record the expressive desire that I strongly feel

Lee Min Ho as Ko Hansu | Twitter: @peachypassion_

 It is noteworthy that Lee Min Ho spoke in different languages acting as Ko Hansu and made this character entirely his own with his great acting that is still in the minds of the fans whom he impressed in this series.

How does Lee Min Ho describe Pachinko's Ko Hansu?

Lee Min Ho really became an expert of Ko Hansu, this is why he somehow understands it. The actor says that he tried to show the contrast of young Ko Hansu having a heart of gold and later the adult who had to make the necessary decisions to survive even if they were bad.

He also said that Ko Hansu tried his best to survive, that he didn't have many options and that was the most attractive thing about his character, that he took a dark path in order to survive. This is how Minho describes the villain he played in Pachinko.

Lee Min Ho's Ko Hansu | Twitter: @peachypassion_

Did you like Lee Min Ho's participation in Pachinko? Without a doubt, the actor played a sensational role that we cannot stop seeing through AppleTV +.

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