Lee Min Ho about Pachinko Lee Min Ho about Pachinko

Lee Min Ho revealed what is the message inside Pachinko for all the public

'Pachinko' is Lee Min Ho's latest drama that has a deep message not only for Korea, but also for the whole world

Lee Min Ho had an amazing role in 'Pachinko', a series that continues to shock the audience that has watched it, what is the most important message of this K-Drama? The actor revealed it.

We have been able to see Lee Min Ho in countless dramas with various themes. Her characters have become some of the most iconic characters on Korean television, and over time they have also become audience favorites. There is no doubt that this is a highly professional actor.

Minho's power to embody different characters is simply amazing, and he proved it very well in his latest drama 'Pachinko'. In this AppleTV+ series he played Ko Hansu, a shopkeeper who also had ties to the mafia, plus he had a forbidden relationship with a girl despite having a family.

The critics and the public have received very well Pachinko and its plot, which takes us back a few decades when the Korean people had to travel to survive. And it is also Ko Hansu who takes action for his own survival, something that captivated Lee Min Ho when reading the script and what convinced him to participate in this production.

But Minho also revealed what is the deepest message that he found in Pachinko and that he hopes that all the public can also find it and take it as something for their life.

What is the deepest message in Pachinko? Lee Min Ho has revealed it

Previously, Lee Min Ho has already revealed the importance that Pachinko and Ko Han have had on him, this time he says what he found to be the deepest message of the series. Something that regardless of whether you are Korean or not, can come to identify you or make you see life in a different way.

The depth of the narrative touched me enormously, not because it's the story of Korea specifically, but something that someone living in any era could relate to. I hope the audience will be challenged to think about what kind of life they're living and what direction they should be moving towards, by looking back at the present thorugh the past

Lee Min Ho about the deepest messagge of Pachinko | Twitter: @caramelhershey

 Perhaps Pachinko is revealing a story more about humanity than about any other teaching and it seems that it was something that really came to mind for Lee Min Ho that as an actor he has been able to learn more and more new things through his work.

Lee Min Ho also revealed how he prepared for his role in Pachinko

For Lee Min Ho, perhaps the most important thing was the emotions, because according to him, the eras change but the feelings do not. He wants the era that is portrayed in Pachinko to be the best it can be, so he worked hard preparing himself even though he didn't have that much time. He revealed that he did a lot of research and that the music also helped him focus on the times he was about to live through through his work on the series.

Lee Min Ho and his preparation for Pachinko | Source: fycextras

What did you enjoy the most about Lee Min Ho in Pachinko? Without a doubt there were a lot of unforgettable moments of the actor in this series and his character Ko Hansu.

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