Lee Min Ho in Pachinko as Ko Hansu Lee Min Ho in Pachinko as Ko Hansu

Lee Min Ho is praised for his performance in Pachinko and here's why

Lee Min Ho is Ko Hansu in Pachinko and the actor has impressed the world in the episode 7, here's everything about it

Pachinko is the new Lee Min Ho's drama which fans are loving, but the actor surprised casual watchers and even the critic with his performance on the episode 7 of this series.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular, famous and talented Korean actors right now. It's been a long time since his debut and Minho has been getting more experience and confidence when he has to act.

It doesn't matter how new or different a character is, Lee Min Ho is so professional that he'd do his best and nail it. Minho is acting as a villian for the very first time in 'Pachinko', this new drama produced by AppleTV+ has an interesting story co-starring Minho as Ko Hansu.

'Pachinko' tells the story of a forbidden romance, it takes us to get to know some Korean people in Japan, then we have this man who works as a merchant, but he also has something to do with crime.

Ko Hansu has a family but he decides to have an affair with another girl and it seems like his bad plans are getting bigger in the plot, what happened on the episode 7? Everyone is loving Lee Min Ho in this one.

Why is everyone loving Lee Min Ho's performance on the 7th episode of Pachinko?

On the 7th episode of Pachinko, we got to know the background and origins of Ko Hansu, Lee Min Ho's character in this drama. It happens to be that Minho is not only acting as someone younger, but he also captured the perfect feelings and emotions of the character during the performance.

Fans, casual watchers and critic are stunned by Lee Min Ho and his acting skills. The Korean actor has the whole world in an awe. Everyone is prasing him.

As you can see, Lee Min Ho looks younger during this scene, he's also having all of the emotion, his face can tell us, so we can't stop watching the amazing way in which he acts.

Lee Min Ho showed the changes and contrasts of Ko Hansu in Pachinko

Watching episode 7 of Pachinko we can see how Lee Min Ho showed in his character the changes and contrasts of Ko Hansu. When this character was young, he was full of hopes and dreams, but he had to change due to the cruel world and now he endured and he might be bad, but there he has his reasons and wants to survive.

Lee Min Ho as Ko Hansu | Twitter: @KingThings_LMH

So, this is why everyone is just loving what Lee Min Ho is doing in Pachinko, he has a great character which will be on history even if it's a villian.

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