Lee Min Ho will post a new long video on YouTube Lee Min Ho will post a new long video on YouTube

Lee Min Ho is planning a new long video for his YouTube channel

Lee Min Ho is not only a talented actor, he also works as a producer and creative on his YouTube channel which will soon have a new video

Lee Min Ho's creativity is not only seen every time he plays a new character, this actor has also shone with his qualities as a producer and creative, do you already know his YouTube channel? He will soon premiere a new video.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular and beloved actors of the moment, this Korean star triumphs in each new project of which he is a part and shows the public and his fans new facets with which he feels comfortable when working. We have seen him shine in countless productions.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about Minho and besides his talent in front of the cameras, his fans also love his beautiful personality. He is a very dedicated and professional Korean actor with his work, but he also shows all sides of him for his fans who support him at all times. He is a star that stands out for all his characteristics.

In addition to Lee Min Ho's dramas and movies, it is also possible to see more of this actor through various behind-the-scenes and more content. Although he also has a channel on YouTube where he usually shares even more with his admirers and not only shows that he is a great actor, but also a good creative producer.

leeminho film en Lee Min Ho's YT channel, in this already shared teasers and vlogs, but he is preparing one more surprise for his fans, do you want to know what it is about? Here we tell you the details.

Lee Min Ho is planning to release a new long video on his YouTube channel, what new ideas does he have?

In his interview with Dazed Korea, Lee Min Ho revealed that he wants to work on a long video for his YouTube channel, he wants to upload a video that is 20-30 minutes long. It would be the longest video on the channel since of those he has previously posted, the longest lasts 16 minutes.

I hope i can work without any burden

Lee Min Ho wants to work on a long video for YouTube | Twitter: @_anshii_

Do you already follow Lee Min Ho's channel on YouTube? It only remains to wait a little longer to see what the actor is preparing for his next project on his own channel.

What kind of videos does Lee Min Ho usually share on YouTube?

Lee Min Ho usually posts some video edits, vlogs, short videos, and a bit more with great aesthetics. We could say that it is the world from the eyes of the actor. He is sometimes in front of the camera for this content and sometimes he is behind it. Do not miss the amazing videos of him.

Follow Lee Min Ho's channel on YouTube and enjoy the films that the actor prepares for his fans. They are amazing and show more of his talent.

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