Lee Min Ho impressed with his skills acting in Pachinko Lee Min Ho impressed with his skills acting in Pachinko

Lee Min Ho impressed Pachinko showrunner for this great reason

Lee Min Ho's talent as an actor is not a joke and he showed it off in front of the Pachinko cameras.

Pachinko is Lee Min Ho's new drama, in this new production, the actor was able to try a new facet as a villain. But what was the showrunner of Minho's drama most impressed with?

Lee Min Ho is an excellent drama and movie actor who has shocked critics and fans with each of his characters in said productions. This is an extremely dedicated to his work that he dazzles every time he participates in a new series. This is why he has become so popular.

And it is that each new character of Minho is executed to perfection, acclaimed by the public that each time becomes a fan of this Korean actor thanks to his simply charming skills in each new production for which he works. There is much we can admire about him.

This is why 'Pachinko' is being such a success, this is the new series by Lee Min Ho that premiered on Apple TV +. This series once again proved Minho's great talents as an actor as in this drama we find the actor's first role as a villain.

But what else do we find in Pachinko? Obviously all the talent and great skills of Lee Min Ho, the showrunner of the series confessed what impressed him the most about the Korean actor.

Pachinko's showrunner confesses what impressed him the most about Lee Min Ho

Pachinko showrunner Soo Hugh revealed what impressed him the most about Lee Min Ho. This is just the way he acts, the showrunner said that as soon as Minho is given an indication he becomes his character completely, he really embodies him. When someone shouts: 'Cut!', Then the actor returns to the normal image of him without problems.

We were doing Lee Min Ho's camera test and I've never experienced this before. The camera is on him and he turns his head slightly, catches the camera. He knows how to move for the camera and is not a vanity. it's something else when the camera is rolling.

Lee Min Ho on Pachinko | Twitter: @OneDramaholic

So now you know well why this showrunner was totally blown away by Lee Min Ho's talents as an actor, he can really embody his characters in such a perfect and amazing way.

Pachinko was also something different for Lee Min Ho

In 'Pachinko' Lee Min Ho became a villain for the first time in his career, even before he was cast, it represented something different in his career. Well after not having to audition for any role for 13 years, Lee Min Ho did audition for this drama, OMG.

Lee Min Ho auditioned for his role in Pachinko | Twitter: @OneDramaholic

So Pachinko revolutionized Lee Min Ho and the actor revolutionized drama and this is great proof of that, have you watched this new Apple TV+ series yet?

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