Lee Min Ho singing Lee Min Ho singing

Lee Min Ho has a music career that you need to know

Lee Min Ho is famous because of his work in Korean Dramas.  Did you know he is also a singer?

One of the most emblematic Korean actors is Lee Min Ho. His work in K-Dramas is globally famous. Maybe it is good luck or good taste but every project he chose is a success. For the drama lovers his name is a reference to start the talk.

As soon as you show a little bit of interest in Korean dramas somebody will recommend you Boys Before Flowers. This show was really important for the expansion of the Hallyu Wave. The K-Pop groups were taking our playlits while Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo was robbing tons of hearts all around the world. 

However the actor poses another talent that not too many people know, he is also a good singer. Do you want to know more about his music career? Let's check what he have to offer.

Lee Min Ho singing / By @caramelhershey

Lee Min Ho is also a good singer

The actor of "Pachinko", Lee Min Ho has explored some projects in the music industry.  For the drama Boys Over Flowers he participated on the Originals Soundtrack with the song "My everything". Because of the success of the dramas the popularity of the artist was increasing quickly. Eventually in 2013 Lee Min Ho released a mini album with the same name. This wasn't his last song for a show that he was leading. For "The heirs" he dropped the track "Painful Love".

The fans were really happy with his work as a singer. For the upcoming years he performed in different cities of Asia with the tour RE:MINHO. It was a special concert made for his fanbase.

The actor continued releasing songs, most of them sweet and warm ballads. His latest project was "Always" in 2017. We wonder why he is not giving us more of his pretty voice.

You can check all his music on Spotify.

Did you know these songs? Do you have a favorite?

Check more about Lee Min Ho and his actual projects on Youtube.

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