Does Lee Min Ho want to get married? Does Lee Min Ho want to get married?

Lee Min Ho explained why his dream is to get married and have children

Did you know that Lee Min Ho once dreamed of getting married and having children? Well, for him, this is just the course of his life

Lee Min Ho is already one of the best actors in Korea, what could his dreams and goals be? Well, he explains what these things mean to him and why he thinks his dream is to get married and have children.

Lee Min Ho is an excellent actor in dramas and movies, his career has been extended thanks to his hard work for years. Since his debut, he hasn't stopped learning and striving. To find the way to embody in the best way each one of his characters that have become iconic.

Acting was not Minho's first job choice in life, when he was a child he had a big dream. He wanted to become a professional soccer player and trained hard to do so. But an injury prevented him from continuing with this goal that he had to abandon.

After his first plan fell through, that's when he became interested in becoming an actor and would soon work on his skills to achieve it. The road for him has not been easy, but the more he tried and learned, the better he got to achieve what he wanted at different times.

A couple of years ago, Lee Min Ho revealed what his dream would be, since for many he has it all. He said that he would like to get married and have children, is that really his goal?

For Lee Min Ho, his dreams are the course of his life and his goal would be to get married and have children

In a 2020 interview for L'Officiel Hommes YK, Lee Min Ho was asked what his dream would be. He said that there were no big dreams or goals, but that he liked to improvise on the spot. He remembered when he wanted to be a footballer, then an actor, when he became an actor he just wanted to do well. Now that he had achieved it, he thought about getting married and having children, not necessarily because it was a dream or a goal, but rather it was the course of his life.

Lee Min Ho will get married and have children | Twitter: @caramelhershey

So now you know, Lee Min Ho really believes that it is okay to have children and get married, in the end it is the course of life but it can also be the dream in which he would improvise when the opportunity arises as he has done with his other projects.

Lee Min Ho also shared his thoughts on love

Obviously, to get married and have children there has to be love, so in this same interview, Lee Min Ho was asked about what he thought about love. He confessed that he thought that love was something hard and that he knew that the older you got, the more difficult it would be because maybe he was not as passionate as he was in his 20's, so he had his doubts about it.

Lee Min Ho thinks that love is hard | Twitter: @caramelhershey

So, now you know it, Lee Min Ho thinks that love is hard and maybe that's why he thinks that getting married isn't a dream since he'd have to improvise to achieve that right? OMG, Minho is so smart.

Keep reading more about Lee Min Ho, did you know that he owns a channel on YouTube? Get to know more about it. 

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