Lee Min Ho celebrating his birthday Lee Min Ho celebrating his birthday

Lee Min Ho celebrated his birthday by showing off all the gifts he received

Lee Min Ho celebrated another year of life and was very happy with all the gifts he received, how did he celebrate this special day?

It's Lee Min Ho's birthday! And this great K-Drama actor was able to celebrate in a big way, he spent his special day very happy and received a lot of gifts.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular and loved Korean actors in the entertainment industry in South Korea. He debuted quite a few years ago, in 2001 with his small participation in 'The Lost Empire', later in 'Nonstop 5'. Although his most memorable first role was in 'Boys Over Flowers' in 2009.

Since then, Minho's popularity and career has grown exponentially and now he has been part of dramas that have already become fan favorites and classics. Of these we can highlight 'The Heirs', or 'The King: Eternal Monarch', where he has captivated us with his acting and such amazing characters.

With the popularization of K-Dramas worldwide, Lee Min Ho has gained more and more fans who support and admire his work in acting. They support Minho in every project they have, they show him and others their love in everything they can and more and more people join the fandom of this actor.

This is why Lee Min Ho's birthday was a very special day for the K-Drama actor, as he received great affection from his fans and also a lot of gifts that he showed us.

Lee Min Ho shows off all the gifts he received on his birthday, this is how he celebrated this special day

Through his Instagram account, Lee Min Ho showed how he celebrated his 36th birthday in Korea and 35th for the rest of the world on June 22, 2022. The actor shared some photos where he has a cake and everything decorated with balloons and others to celebrate this special day.

Lee Min Ho and his birthday cake | Instagram: @actorleeminho

Lee Min Ho also showed all of the gifts that he received in this special day. We're sure some of them were sent by fans to show all the love and support for this amazing actor.

Lee Min Ho and all of his birthday gifts | Instagram: @actorleeminho

Fans celebrated Lee Min Ho's birthday on Twitter

Minoz is the name of Lee Min Ho's fandom, and all of his fans took Twitter to celebrate #HappyLeeMinHoDay with their best wishes and more for the actor, it was great to see all of the messages he received in this special day even virtually.

Lee Min Ho's fans celebrated his birthday | Twitter: @Jolinabrave

It seems like it was a great day for Lee Min Ho, we're happy to see how good it was for him to celebrate one year more in this life.

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