Khee Soju Party photos Khee Soju Party photos

Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, BTS' V and Sandara Park were spotted at the Khee Soju Party

The hottest Korean celebrities were spotted at the Khee Soju Party. Idols and actors attended the exclusive event. Here are the guests.

Can you imagine how would be to be in a room surrounded by the most famous Korean artists? Some exclusive events gather the most important names in the industry. To promote their products, many brands offer luxury parties with tons of celebrities.

As you may know, soju is a Korean traditional alcohol beverage. It is a distilling rice-based drink. If you are part of the K-Drama world, for sure you have watched at least one show where the characters drink this iconic beverage.

Khee Soju VIP Party / Twitter @caramelhershey

The designer Eva Chow is promoting her new soju line called Khee Soju. The brand held an exclusive party to promote its products. Tons of fanatics are going crazy because of the event. Lee Min Ho, BTS' V, Park Seo Joon, and more were together at the party.

The Khee Soju VIP party gathers the hottest Korean artists

On July 21st many videos and pictures taken at the Khee Soju party unleashed euphoria on social media. One of the most popular is a photo posted on Park Jun Hee's Instagram account.

Photo of the Soju Khee Party / Twitter @jimjkvforvr

We see Lee Soo Hyuk, Sandara Park (former member of 2NE1), V of BTS, and his close friend, the actor Park Seo Joon sitting together.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho was also at the event. Apparently, the superstar was the producer and creative director of the new campaign of the soju brand. A marketing specialist posted on her Instagram a sweet message for the actor.

The first encounter in 13 years... I remember the set that I had prepared & the story of the Pachinko shoot. Lee Min Ho is building up his filmography as a better actor. I'll always support you.

hino2023' post / Instagram @hino2033

There are some other photos where we can see that these artists were dinking together. Also, we cannot leave without talking about their great outfits. It looks like a fashion show.

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