Lee Joung Suk and YoonA talk about their characters for ELLE magazine Lee Joung Suk and YoonA talk about their characters for ELLE magazine

Lee Joung Suk and YoonA talk about their characters in the K-drama 'Big Mouth'

Lee Joung Suk and YoonA tell in an interview what their characters are like and what it's like to work together on the new K-drama "Big Mouth."

Lee Joung Suk is back on the small screen to participate in a new K-drama titled 'Big Mouth' and we can remember the career of this great actor thanks to his performances in other series such as 'Doctor Stager' and 'Pinocchio'. After 2 years of absence due to his military service, the actor will be back to delight us with his new series.

On the other hand, YoonA, former member of the famous girl group "Girl's Generetaion" has also forged her way as a great actress. We have already seen her acting in different dramas such as "The Kings Loves", "Summer Love" and "Hush" to name a few of her acting works.

Now the actress and singer is part of the cast of K-drama "Big Mouth", which is currently being shot. This means that both actors will be teaming up to play the main characters in the drama. This has fans very excited, as they are both beloved stars of the show and seeing them act together will be really interesting. Also, we can't wait to see how this story develops.

Lee Joung Suk and YoonA talk about Big Mouth 

Both actors were on the cover of "ELLE" magazine, after a wonderful photo shoot, both actors had a short interview where they mentioned how they feel about their characters and what it's like to work together again in this K-drama.

Lee Jong Suk who will play Park Chang Ho mentioned that his character was very "human" and that it was a perfect role to show his vulnerability. 
Moreover, his character is a lawyer who has little success yet he must take on a murder case.

Twitter @kvisualzine / Lee Joung Suk for ELLE magazine

Meanwhile, actress YoonA will play Go Mi Ho, a nurse who is also Park Chang Ho's wife. As we know YoonA is an experienced artist and mentioned how she feels about it as she is approaching her 15th anniversary of her debut, she said the following, "I feel that when Im YoonA's persona changes, it affects my acting or acting. My 'true nature' must abound in many things. I feel that I grow when I develop after experiencing new things and building them."

Twitter @bugaboo_s /YoonA posed for ELLE magazine

Moreover, the actress mentioned that her character in Big Mouth has made her change her perspective on humans a bit, this was what she said, "After playing a role, I feel like another fact about humans has been added to my mind. In the process of thinking about how Go Mi Ho from 'Big Mouth' will face certain situations and feel certain emotions, my world expands."

If you want to see the full ELLE magazine where the actors posed for the cover you can find it on sale in March.

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