Lee Joon Gi is diagnosed with COVID-19 Lee Joon Gi is diagnosed with COVID-19

Lee Joon Gi tests positive For COVID-19 and Again My Life filming is postponed

Lee Joon Gi is acting in the new drama 'Again My Life', which now postponed its filming since the actor was diagnosed with COVID-19

Fans are enjoying a new drama starring Lee Joon Gi, and 'Again My Life' is on broadcast and filmings which has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Lee Joon Gi has an extensive career in K-Dramas and K-Movies, this actor has been working hard for a lot of years and now is one of the best and most popular ones in the world of South Korean entertainment. He has a lot of fans all over the world which love all about his work.

He has a lot of characters and dramas in his filmography, Joon Gi appeared in series like 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo', 'Two Weeks' or 'Flower of Evil', but it's been a while since the last drama and fans have been waiting for him to act in a new production.

And with 'Again My Life' the wait is over, this drama will star Lee Joon Gi and is based on a webtoon with the same name, it tells the story of a guy who used to have the worst grades in highschool, but he put a lot of effort and ended up studying in college and becoming an enthusiastic prosecutor. Everything changes when he's murdered but life gives him a second chance.

'Again My Life' has an exciting plot and filming is now broadcasting, but its filming has been postponed since Lee Joon Gi is sick, he's starting with his recovery right now.

Lee Joon Gi is diagnosed with COVID-19 so My Life Again filming is suspended

Lee Joon Gi was diagnosed with COVID-19, he's starting with his quearantine period expecting to get fully recovered soon. Now the filming of My Life Again, Joon Gi's new K-Drama, is suspended since the staff has to wait for the actor to continue with the project.

Lee Joon Gi is diagnosed with COVID-19 | Twitter: @kathsroza

We hope that Lee Joon Gi recovers successfully, it's time for him to take a rest and focus on his health, we're sure he's gonna get better soon.

What will happen to the broadcast of Again My Life?

Perhaps SBS might have foreseen this kind of situations and has some episodes done for the next week or even for a couple of weeks, so Again My Life will continue with its boradcast as usual on Friday and Saturday without delay and then filming will be continued too when Lee Joon Gi gets healthy.

Again My Life will continue | Twitter: @Rifleamp

Let's wait for Lee Joon Gi while we keep watching (or rewatching) 'Again My Life' episodes, it's an amazing K-Drama which you'll love (or are loving if you're following its episodes).

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