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Lee Jong Suk receives big presents for his upcoming drama 'Big Mouse'

Actor Lee Jong Suk recieved a lovely present from his fans. He took the social media thanks them.

The new K-Drama "Big Mouse" is creating a lot of expectations. The main leads of the show are Lee Jong Suk and Yoona from Girls' Generation.

It follows the story of a lawyer who is married to Go Mi Ho, (Yoona's character). Due to the struggles of a mourder case his life will be in danger.

The filming for the show just started and the fans of the actor are really happy. They sent a big present to the set. Do you want to know what it is?

Actor Lee Jong Suk / By @Rebe_Kdramas

Lee Jong Suk thanks the fans with sweet message

On April 22 the actor Lee Jong Suk posted a story on his Instagram personal account. The pictures show him standing in front of various coffee carts. He added:

Thank you.

I'm getting fat.

Lee Jong Suk post / Instagram @jongsuk0206

Those were sent by the fans to celebrate the beginning of the filming for the upcoming K-Drama "Big Mouse". The actor will be playing the role of Park Chang Ho, a lawyer with financial issues. Because of a particular case he is misconfused with a swindler.

In another post he said:

Thank you for the support.

I'll greet you soon,

(with a chubby face).

Lee Jong Suk story / Instagram @jongsuk0206

The fans are getting crazy with the photos. Lee Jong Suk looks so handsome wearing those outfits. We can't wait to see the drama.

While we wait, check these K-Dramas to be released in May.

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