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Lee Dong Wook confesses the type of role he wants to play

Throughout Lee Dong Wook's career we have seen him presenting multiple characters. However there's a role the actor hasn't played yet. This is what he said.

Lee Dong Wook has been working as an actor since 1999. We can find all the genres in his career profile: mystery, action, romance, comedy and fantasy. Apparently he has already done everything.

His characters are really different from project to project. The talent of the actor has proven he can portray any type of personality on the screen. Even though we are thinking he cannot be more versatile, Lee Dong Wook has revealed there is a role he is anxious to play. Do you want to know what character is?

Lee Dong Wook for 'ELLE Singapore' / @LEEDONGLOOKS

Lee Dong Wook and the character he is dreaming to play.

Lee Dong Wook was on the cover of "ELLE Singapore" magazine March edition. On April 18 the official Youtube channel of the magazine dropped a short interview with the actor.

Lee Dong Wook for 'ELLE Singapore' / By @daegorr

Due to his famous characters in the fantasy K-Dramas "Goblin" and "Tale of the Nine Tailed", he was asked about his love for this genre. He explained that they are fantasy characters from Korean folklore. He chose a type of role to play if he worked again on a fantasy project.

I want to challenge a vampire.

Previously, the artist has shown in multiple interviews his desire to be in a vampire role. His fans agree this would be a perfect character for the actor. Honestly, the talented and handsome Lee Dong Wook can pick any kind of character and we will love it.

Lee Dong Wook talking about a future role / By @felonsgf

Watch the full interview here.

What other role do you think would fit Lee Dong Wook?

Recently the actor revealed his favorite K-Drama, check what he said.

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