Kim Seon Ho reappeared on Instagram Kim Seon Ho reappeared on Instagram

Kim Seon Ho reappears on Instagram with a special messagge for his fans

Kim Seon Ho was inactive for a while due to a controversy he had to go through, but it seems like he's back and thanks his fans a lot

Kim Seon Ho filled the days of many fans with joy, but everything changed when some statements from his ex-girlfriend were exposed and it all ended in a great controversy for the actor. But now he is back and he has something to express to his followers.

Kim Seon Ho is a great actor that we have been able to see in dramas like 'Catch the Ghost', 'Find Me in Your Memory' or 'Start-Up'. He debuted in 2017 with the K-Drama 'Good Manager' and since then his career has been growing, giving new characters to his fans in each new project.

Seon Ho's acting career was at its peak in 2021, he was the lead in 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' a romance drama that quickly won the love of the public. It was then that some accusations against Kim Seon Ho overshadowed his brilliance as an actor.

Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend stated that the Korean actor had forced her to have an abortion in the past, something that disapointed the public. This caused fans to withdraw their support for the actor, brands and production companies also ended their contracts. The controversy was strong, but in the end it was cleared up because lies were found in what the ex-girlfriend had said.

Despite this, Kim Seon Ho no longer appeared at public events or projects. His agency Salt Entertainment said that his contract would continue and the fans who always believed in the actor hoped that he would return soon to continue enjoying him. And it seems that this moment has come, as the Korean actor reappeared on Instagram.

Kim Seon Ho thanks his fans on Instagram, this is his first public reappearance

Through Instagram, Kim Seon Ho had his first public appearance after the controversy he went through in 2021. The actor shared a photo of the sky, it seems to be sunset but the moon is already there. The most important thing is the message he wrote for his fans, a special thanks and a promise.

I am sorry that you had to go through a hard time due to my shortcomings... Thank you for congratulating this year's birthday as well. I will cherish all your goodwill and become an actor that can return your good wishes

Kim Seon Ho on Instagram | Instagram: @seonho__kim

 So maybe soon Kim Seon Ho will resume his activities and we can see him in more movies and K-Dramas, the fans are really waiting for more from him and they never withdrew their unconditional love and support.

What is Kim Seon Ho's next project?

According to the information, Kim Seon Ho will not have any new projects this year, except for one. The actor was part of the cast of the movie 'Sad Tropics', with the controversy he was removed from the production. But later he was added again, so this year we will only have that appearance of the actor in the world of entertainment.

Kim Seon Ho is going to act in Sad Tropics | Twitter: @lovexfxppe

Well, we look forward to seeing 'Sad Tropics' and also the public's response to Kim Seon Ho's true comeback as an actor.

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