Get to know more about new Kim Min Kyu's drama Get to know more about new Kim Min Kyu's drama

Kim Min Kyu to star in High Priest Rembrary, a new fantasy romance drama

Actor Kim Min Kyu is ready for a new adventure and will star in new K-Drama 'High Priest Rembrary'

If you loved Kim Min Kyu in 'A Business Proposal', then get ready to see him once again in a new Korean drama. He will now star in a fantasy romance story in the series 'High Priest Rembrary'.

Kim Min Kyu is a Korean actor who was born on December 25, 1994. In 2013, he made his big acting debut and made it to both film and television in the same year. His first drama was 'Monstar' and his first movie was 'The Five'. Although at that time he entered supporting roles, soon his talent would be noticed.

Little by little, Min Kyu's career in dramas continued to grow, so we have already seen him as an actor in many other series such as 'Signal', 'Just Between Lovers' and most recently in 'A Business Proposal'. In all these K-Dramas he has conquered a lot of fans who can't wait for a new project with this actor.

The skills that Kim Min Kyu has in front of the cameras are simply impressive and we can really see that he embodies his characters very well who quickly become audience favorites. And we want to see many more characters of this great actor.

So very soon we will see him as the protagonist of a story full of fantasy and romance, Kim Min Kyu has been confirmed in the cast of a new K-Drama that you won't stop watching.

Kim Min Kyu is confirmed with the leading role of High Priest Rembrary, what is this new drama about?

It has been confirmed that Kim Min Kyu will be starring in the new K-Drama 'High Priest Rembrary' which is based on the web novel that later became a webtoon called 'Holy Idol'. This is about the high priest Rembrary who possesses the body of a not-so-known idol, what adventures will he have like this? We'll wait for more details to find out.

Kim Min Kyu will star this new drama | Twitter: @GIDLEBRAZIL

 It only remains to wait a little longer to find out more details about 'High Priest Rembrary', the new adventure that Min Kyu will have in his acting career.

When will the new drama High Priest Rembrary premiere?

Since everything is hardly being planned for the adaptation of the webtoon and web novel to the dramas, 'High Priest Rembrary' would be premiered in the first half of 2023. So we would still have to wait about a year to see this new K-Drama.

High Priest Rembrary is based on this webtoon | Twitter: @tinkserz

Surely Kim Min Kyu will do an excellent job as the lead in this new drama that we already want to see, don't you think it will be great?

While we wait for this new K-Drama you can watch some more, here we have some with Kim Yoo Jung in the cast, you'll love this young actress. 

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