Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha

Kim Min Ha shares her thoughts about Lee Min Ho after working together on Pachinko

The actress Kim Min Ha opens about her first impression of Lee Min Ho. This is the actor's true personality off camera.

Pachinko shook the world with ist emotional and powerful story. This show has been receiving tons of praises all over the world. It follows the hardships of a migrant family in Korea, Japan and the United States.

The casting of the Apple Tv original series is amazing. Lee Min HoYoun Yuh Jung and Kim Min Ha will let your jaw drop with their unbelievable acting skills.

'Pachinko' poster / By @TVPlusUpdates

Recently, Kim Min Ha talked about the true personality of the super famous Lee Min Ho. Do you want to know what was her first impression of him?

Kim Min Ha changed his mind about Lee Min Ho's personality

On May 26th the ELLE Korea Youtube channel dropped a playful interview with the Panchinko's star Kim Min Ha. The actress was asked about her experience working next to Lee Min Ho. She explained her first impression.

When I first saw him at the audition, he looked like he had a lot of thoughts on his mind.

Min Ha continued by saying that his current impression of the actor is similar to a cute smiling emoji. She added:

He always smiles with such carefree and relaxed vibes.

So his current impression is very comfortable now.

It seems like Lee min Ho knows how to make a good impression on his colleagues. Previously she said that the actor was always trying to help. Check the full interview here.

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