Kim Hyun Joong is someone different now Kim Hyun Joong is someone different now

Kim Hyun Joong tells fans about his wedding and they noticed a brilliant change in him

How has marriage changed Kim Hyun Joong? He seems happier now and the fans are happy for him too

For a while now, Kim Hyun Joong had been a bit inactive, but he told his fans about his wedding and also just shared more content with them. Now he looks happier than ever.

Kim Hyun Joong is a great Korean artist, he debuted as a singer, dancer and leader of the idol group SS501 in 2005. In the same year he was invited to the drama 'Nonstop 5' and since then his career in music and acting has been growing. By 2011 his popularity exploded as he was part of the cast of 'Boys Over Flowers'.

Hyun Joong also debuted as a solo artist and his solo career continued after his idol group disbanded. So he continued to offer the best of himself for his fans. Both in Korea and in many other countries there are people who admire the work of this Korean celebrity.

A few months ago, at the end of 2021, he offered a very special concert. Kim Hyun Joong announced that he was getting married and the fans supported him. After a long career and sharing a lot with them, his fans would see his idol grow up and maybe it was time for him to start a family.

For a while after his wedding, Kim Hyun Joong was a bit inactive. But today he updated his fans with new content and they also noticed a brilliant change in the idol and actor.

Marriage changed Kim Hyun Joong, how was his wedding and why is he different now?

Some time ago, Kim Hyun Joong confessed to his fans that he had married his first love. OMG, after this he moved away for a bit, perhaps to enjoy his wife and his new life as a newlywed. He today he updated his fans again through Instagram. He shared photos and videos on the golf course.

Kim Hyun Joong updated with this photo | Instagram: @hyunjoong860606

As you can see Kim Hyun Joong seems to be really happy and smily. Fans think of those times when he was in a 6 year lawsuit with his  ex-girlfriend and see how much he has changed since that is over and now he's married to someone he loves.

Kim Hyun Joong continues to share his music with his fans through YouTube

There is still much to enjoy from Kim Hyun Joong, he continues to share performances and more music with his fans. Still bringing joy to those who follow him and showing how happy he is to the world in this new stage of his life. On his YouTube channel you can find much more content from this incredible artist.

Keep suporting Kim Hyun Joong on social networks, you can follow him and you won't miss out any of his posts, he's just amazing.

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