Kang Tae Oh's military service Kang Tae Oh's military service

Kang Tae Oh is due to start his military service soon, when will he enlist in the army?

Actor Kang Tae Oh  will take a break from his activities soon to fulfill his mandatory military service

Kang Tae Oh is a well-liked actor who we are seeing as the lead in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', but when this drama ends, he will have to start his military service.

Kang Tae Oh is an excellent K-Drama and K-Movie actor, he debuted in 2011, appearing in the drama 'The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 2'. Since then, his career on Korean television has been growing, now we have seen him in series like 'Doom At Your Service', 'Twenty Again' or 'The Tale of Nokdu'.

Although Tae Oh has gained attention more recently thanks to his role in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', this actor is a lead in the series. With his character of Lee Jun Ho he has conquered the whole world and has become very popular. He now has many more fans showing their support and love for him.

But soon a sad stage will come for all fans of Kang Tae Oh, as it is time for the Korean actor to do his duty as a citizen and join the army to fulfill his mandatory military service as every man in Korea. Although there are followers who do not want him to go, it seems to be inevitable.

When will Kang Tae Oh leave for military service? His agency has already issued a statement that tells us the moment in which he will have to leave and enlist to fulfill this obligation.

When will Kang Tae Oh start his mandatory military service?

Man Of Creation, Kang Tae Oh's agency, has reported that the actor will start his military service around August or September 2022. There is no exact date yet but it will be after the completion of 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'. The Korean actor has already been called to start this obligation and this is why he will have to go.

Kang Tae Oh should start with his mandatory military service soon | Twitter: @aishiiibal

Woah! We will miss Kang Tae Oh so much, his enlistment is just around the corner, we really don't want 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' to end, what if they extend the K-Drama ending? so Tae Oh will never leave, LOL.

 When would Kang Tae Oh's military service end?

Depending on the month in which Kang Tae Oh leaves for military service and the field in which he enters whether it is the army, naval forces, air force or social service, it will be the duration of the service. The minimum would be 1 year and 6 months, so it would go back until February or March 2024. The maximum is 1 year and 9 months, so it could go back until May or June 2024.

Kang Tae Oh would come back in 2024 | Twitter: @kdramatreats

Well, it's a stage that every actor and artist, well, every Korean man must go through. So we will miss Tae Oh but we will also wish him the best at this time.

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