Kang Tae Oh fans won't want him to enlist to the army Kang Tae Oh fans won't want him to enlist to the army

Kang Tae Oh fans don't want him to enlist in the military and gave this proposal

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' has given Kang Tae Oh huge popularity and now fans are asking him not to enlist in the army

Like every South Korean citizen, Kang Tae Oh must fulfill his responsibility and do mandatory military service, but fans do not want him to temporarily retire because of this obligation and have other options, what is their proposal about?

Kang Tae Oh is an excellent Korean actor who was born on June 20, 1994 in Busan, South Korea. He debuted as an actor in 2011 for the K-Drama 'The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 2', although he only appeared in one episode, from there his career continued to grow.

Currently, Tae Oh has a great career in acting, a lot of Korean dramas are part of the repertoire of this actor. Among them we can highlight 'Because It's My First Love', 'Run On', 'Tale Of Nokdu' and of course the drama he is currently starring in, 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'.

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is a drama that has become very popular, and in fact it has brought many more fans to Kang Tae Oh, now everyone loves this great actor who has shown his talents in this K-Drama. Although there is a small problem, because of his age, he is about to leave for compulsory military service.

But this is something that his fans do not want to happen, so they have an initiative so that the actor is exempt from his military service and does not have to retire from acting to fulfill it, what plan do Kang Tae Oh fans have?

Kang Tae Oh's fans are willing to do military service for the actor, they only need 600 volunteers

When 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' ends, Kang Tae Oh would be enlisting in the army to fulfill his mandatory military service. But this is not an option for fans who do not want to stop watching it for two long years. So it occurred to them that they could do the MS for the actor. 1 fan every day can fulfill his activities, it would only take 600 people to do it.

No one wants Kang Tae Oh to enlist in the army | Twitter: @SYpeanutwarrior

What do you think about this idea? Surely it's not going to be possible, is it? Will Kang Tae Oh fans be able to hack the laws and do military service for the actor? Perhaps in the end an agreement will be reached that allows the actor to have more time on the screens.

Can Kang Tae Oh be exempt from military service?

Perhaps Kang Tae Oh cannot be exempt from Military Service, because despite having a great career in K-Dramas and now having great popularity, the truth is that more of it is needed for the laws to leave him without doing this obligation. It can also be due to various mental and physical health causes, but it seems that Tae Oh is healthy.

We don't think that Kang Tae Oh can be exempt from MS | Twitter: @kdrama_brasil

Well, but maybe the voice of the fans is heard and the law makes Kang Tae Oh have a short military service or something like that so we don't miss him that much.

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