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K-Drama 'Sh**ting Stars' gets hash critics after its premiere, this is the reason why

The TV show "Sh**ting Stars" released its first episodes. The anticipated K-Drama is facing criticism for some scenes. We are telling you everything.

On April 22 and 23 the Korean Drama "Sh**ting Stars" was premiered. It follows the story of Gong Tae Sung, a super celebrity who pretends to be a kind and polite young man. However his staff team knows he actually has a hot temper. Oh Han Byeol, the head of the company Starforce Entertainment, will be taking care of Tae Sung's reputation.

This show has Kim Young Dae and the actress Lee Sung Kyung as the protagonists. Those big names, the plot and the creative promotion draw the attention of the K-Drama fanatic world to it.

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Justa after the release of two episodes the drama is getting harsh critics. Here's all the information.

New drama "Sho**ting Stars" receives accusations for xenofobie

The first episode introduces us to the Lee Sung Kyung character, Oh Han Byeol, the leader of the public relations team of the agency Starforce Entertainment. She is on an interview when someone call her, she takes the phone an to explain where Gong Tae Sung is:

He's volunteering in Africa so he's probably working hard dogging hard digging a well.

In the opinion of the viewer this scene is offensive. It shows a stereotypical picture of Africa, at the same time we can hear music similar to the Disney movie "The Lion King". The scene continue with Gong Tae Sung drilling for water. There wasn't a name of an African city, it was just generically the whole continent.

The Netizens' criticism was the result of the character acting like a "white savior" who is coming to Africa to bring water to the natives as the population truly needs someone else to save them.

Scene from 'Sh**ting Stars' / By @endlesshighway_

On the other hand the scenes in Africa were filmed with the "yellow filter" Hollywood usually use to portray "exotic" and "dangerous" places like Mexico, India and Africa. The viewers are upset  about it (especially the African public),and it affects the potential of the drama.

In addition to the second episode there is a scene where the male lead tries to prove he is not "sterile" to Lee Sung Kyung's character. This could be sexual assault but the editors portraited the scene as a funny incident.

The first impression wasn't that good for too many. What do you think about it?

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