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K-Drama 'Café Minamdang' under controversy due to unfair labor issues

The upcoming K-Drama "Café Minamdang" is already facing hardships. The production studio faired various employees unfairly. The protests will be starting soon.

Seo In Guk is taking the male lead role in the upcoming KBS K-Drama. His character is Nam Han Joon a former criminal that now runs a fortune teller shop named "Café Minamdang". He scams people but, at the same time, he gets involved in the clients' problems to help them.

Eventually, this character cross paths with the enthusiastic detective Han Jae Hee, played by Oh Yeon Seo. This interesting drama is based on the popular webtoon with the same name. The casting also includes Kwak Si Yang, Heo Jae Ho, Jung Ha Joon, and Kang Mina.

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The anticipated show will be premiered on June 27th. However, some employees that were part of the production staff are asking for the release date to be post-pone. They've been fired because of unfair reasons.

Ex-employees of the staff of "Café Minamdang" are protesting due to labor issues

On June 7th members of the Broadcast Staff Branch hold a public protest outside of the KBS building in Seoul. According to The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, various employees were fired after asking for fair labor conditions on the set of "Café Minamdang".

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The workers asked the production agencies People Story Company and Monster Union to comply the article 53 of the Fair Labor Standards Act which clarifies that the employees can work certain hours just after mutual agreement.

The production team deny to solve their request and the workers of the set were fired. The affected ex-employees are protesting against the violation of the Labor Standards. Also, they are upset due to the continuation of the filming of the series even after committing these illegal actions.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is asking for the show premiere to be postponed until the issue is resolved. What do you think about it? Hopefully, the problem gets solved soon.

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