Ji Chang Wook for "The Sound Of Magic" Ji Chang Wook for "The Sound Of Magic"

Ji Chang Wook reveals his preparation to be a magician in 'The Sound Of Magic'

Ji Chang Wook star the Netflix original series "The Sound Of Magic". How did the actor get into his character as a magician?

"The Sound Of Magic" is a show that follows the story of a teenage girl with a complicated life. She meets the magician Lee Eul, who lives in an abandoned amussement park. Eventually he will change the life of the young lady.

It is a musical K-Drama full of fantasy and ethereal scenarios. It become really popular among all over the world. The casting includes Hwang In Yeop, Choi Sung Eun and Ji Chang Wook played the role of the mysterious magician.

'The Sound Of Music' poster / By @MiriyaLittle

The actor has revealed the preparation process to become a magician on the screen.

Ji Chang Wook took magic and singing lesson for his role in "The Sound Of Magic"

Recently, in an intervies with Korean media the actor Ji Chang Wook shared everything about his preparation to portraited a magician in the show "The Sound Of Music". He explained that he attend to the filming set with open mind abut magic.

He had some talks with the director to discuss the deatails about Lee Eul's magic and singing style. The actor added:

I practiced magic for quite some time. Magic is important and singing is important, but I thought he personality was the most important.

Ji Chang Wook for 'The Sound Of Music' / By @jcwarchive

Too many viewers are comparing this charcater with the popular movie "Howl's Moving Castle". The artist conffesed that he is really shy when he heard he is similar to Howl. He explained that maybe it is beacuse both chracters have an innocent side.

According to the actor, "The Sound Of Music" its a story that everyone can relte to tnahks to the topic that explore. Have you watch the K-Drama? 

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