Ji Chang Wook for 'Tell Me Your Wish' Ji Chang Wook for 'Tell Me Your Wish'

Ji Chang Wook amazes with his new look for the upcoming K-Drama 'If You Wish Upon Me'

Ji Chang Wook and Sooyoung are the stars of the new K-Drama "Tell Me Your Wish". Here are the sneak peeks of this anticipated series.

As you may know, Ji Chang Wook is well known for being a super versatile actor. No matter if it is an action show or a comedy, he can control any kind of genre. Previously we saw him in the super popular dramas "The K2" and "Suspicious Partner".

His acting skills are out of this world! The 35 year old artists have been working in the industry for many years. He got international popularity thanks to his awesome taste. He chooses the most interesting projects.

Actor Ji Chang Wook / Twitter @jjlnn0506

Do you want to watch his new K-Drama? Ji Chang Wook is ready to play a lovely role in the series "Tell Me Your Wish". Finally, KBS is letting us see a little bit of his character. The actor looks awesome!

Ji Chang Wook reveals a picture for his role in "Tell me Your Wish"

On July 11th KBS dropped a picture of Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeo Re, the protagonist of "Tell Me Your Wish", (also known as If You Wish Upon Me). In the photo, the gorgeous actor wears a simple but effective outfit.

Ji Chang Wook for 'Tell Me Your Wish' / Twitter @fandeloasiatico

His fans are shocked by his new look, this time he looks tough with an arm full of tattoos. His character in the show is a man who has a difficult past. He lived in an orphanage and served time in prison. Anyway, his life will change pretty soon.

He will join a hospital staff that takes care of people with terminal patients. The heroine of this beautiful story is Sooyoung of Girls' Generation. We already saw a little bit of their chemistry. It is amazing!

The public is anticipating this drama. Ji Chang Wook looks very different from his previous project, the musical "The Sound Of Music". He is super versatile! "Tell Me Your Wish" will be here in August. While we are waiting, check his best character ever here.

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