Lee Min Ho tests his skills in the pool Lee Min Ho tests his skills in the pool

Is Lee Min Ho a bad swimmer? The actor tested his skills as a diver in the pool

Lee Min Ho is a great actor, but can he be a good athlete? He tested his skills in the pool

There is no doubt that Lee Min Ho is an extremely talented actor, but how good is he in other fields? He decided to try himself as a diver and we think he better not compete in the olympics.

Lee Min Ho is a great Korean actor who has worked hard in a lot of K-Dramas. His characters are unforgettable, they have become iconic just like a lot of the series in which he has acted. His talent in front of the cameras is simply phenomenal.

And obviously, as an actor, Minho has tried different facets, has characterized different professions, personalities and so on. His variety and adaptability are visible in every new role he takes on in our favorite Korean dramas. His professionalism as an actor is impeccable.

He, like any other person, has different hobbies, in which he could also specialize. For example, sports, in fact, before dreaming of being an actor, Lee Min Ho wanted to become a professional soccer player, so we can see that this was one of his passions.

But what about swimming? Maybe Lee Min Ho is not that good at being a diver and in his new video he showed us that he truly belongs to the world of acting, not sports, LOL.

Lee Min Ho tests his skills as a diver in the pool, how good is he as a sportsman in the water?

Through his official Instagram account, Lee Min Ho shared some photos and videos. The Korean actor is in a swimming pool and he decided to test his skills as a diver. Although he was not really the best of all and that the table was at a fairly low level. LOL.

And since Lee Min Ho's diving technique is a bit funny, fans really couldn't stop laughing at this video. It seems that the actor was also having a lot of fun.

Lee Min Ho also melted the hearts of his fans with pool selfies

Woah! Sure, we all laughed at Lee Min Ho's videos, but then the K-Drama actor stole our breath away by looking so handsome in poolside selfies. OMG, the water really adds a special touch to these selcas, Minho's natural beauty is on full display in these photos.

Lee Min Ho selcas in the pool | Instagram: @actorleeminho

Wow, we're really drooling over these Lee Min Ho selcas, sorry. But it is good to see that the actor is having fun while he is also working hard. He is just great.

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