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Is Lee Dong Wook ready for marriage? The actor reveals his plans

The beloved Lee Dong Wook has talked about plans for marriage.  What kind of woman is his ideal type?

If you are a K-Drama fan you already know how talented Lee Dong Wook is. The 40 years old actor has portrayed tons of different characters through his long career. Easily he can shine in all the genres, comedy, fantasy, mystery or action.

His acting skills has conquered too many hearts all over the world. However, sometimes the fans are curious about the romantic life of the handsome actor. Previously, he dated some famous celebrities but he was really discreet about it.

Actor Lee Dong Wook / By @leedwookpics

When will we see him settle down? The charismatic actor is finally talking about it.

Lee Dong Wook reveals his honest thought about marriage

On May 20th the Youtube show "Studio Waffle" dropped its latest episode with Lee Dong Wook as guest. During the interview he was asked if he believes in fated love. He explained:

I always think in my heart that I want to meet someone naturally. When I sit alone on a plane for a business trip I imagine: "If such a woman sits next to me.

Lee Dong Wook talking about his ideal type / By @LDW_1106_love

Apparently the actor is already thinking about the possibility of settling down. When he was asked about his plans for marriage he said:

I think I should at least get married before I'm 50 years old.

What kind of woman is Lee Dong Wok looking for?

If he is already hoping to be married in the next few years the public is really curious about his ideal type. The artist reveals that he doesn't focus that much on the apperwance. He added:

I don't really have an ideal type in terms of exterior.

I think a woman who looks good with short hair is attractive and likable to me.

What do you think about it? We are wishing just the best for the actor! Check the full video here.

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