Hwang In Yeop likes these BTS' songs Hwang In Yeop likes these BTS' songs

Is Hwang In Yeop an ARMY? These are his favorite BTS songs

BTS has conquered everyone, even actor Hwang In Yeop, what are his favorite songs?

Actor Hwang In Yeop once confessed what his favorite BTS songs were, is he a fan of this K-Pop group? He couldn't stop listening to these tracks.

Hwang In Yeop is a great K-Drama actor who we have seen in a few productions. He started in the world of entertainment as a model and later in 2018 he debuted in the webdrama 'WHY' as an actor and since then his career in acting has been growing.

On the other hand, BTS is a great K-Pop group that has conquered millions of hearts around the world and ARMY is a great fandom that has among its ranks all kinds of people, regardless of age, sex, religion, etc. nationality, or any other characteristic.

And what do Bangtan Sonyeondan and actor In Yeop have to do with each other? Well, once upon a time this talented K-Drama star confessed that she loved some idol group songs. And it is that with their happy and catchy rhythms, they manage to conquer all kinds of listeners, the Korean actor could not resist.

What are Hwang In Yeop's favorite BTS songs? Two of the boy band's tracks are never missing from the actor's playlist.

Hwang In Yeop revealed his favorite BTS songs

'Dynamite' and 'Butter' are Hwang In Yeop's favorite songs, both BTS tracks couldn't get out of his playlist. In 2020 he chose the first song for a radio show and in 2021 he remembered how much he liked that song and also the boy band's newest English single at the time.

 So now you know what Hwang In Yeop's favorite songs are, Bangtan Boys English tracks are the best for this actor. He said that they gave him energy and also because he sings them very often.

Hwang In Yeop is quite a music lover

Listening to music is one of Hwang In Yeop's hobbies, apart from BTS, he also listens to many other artists and recommended some of his favorite songs. Like Nell's 'Time Walking on Memories' and also 'Freezing' by Bren Joy. He appears to be a man with good musical tastes.

 Now you know a little more about Hwang In Yeop and his varied taste in music, BTS, Bren Joy, and more. We like that he is inspired by more artists for his day to day.

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