Song Kang and Han Soo Hee for 'Nevertheless' Song Kang and Han Soo Hee for 'Nevertheless'

Is Han So Hee dating Song Kang? This photo sparked the rumors

Song Kang and Han Soo Hee are involved in dating rumors. We are telling you why the public thinks they are a couple.

Sometimes a K-Dramas couple shows wonderful chemistry on the screen. Then, is common to see the viewers wishing for the love birds to become an off-camera real relationship. It could happen, there are a few shows that ended up with true love among the protagonist.

The fans get more excited to hear this happen among our favorite actors. One of the most popular actors at the moment is without a doubt Song Kang. The talented artist has worked on too many dramas with global fame.

Han So Hee and Song Kang for 'Nevertheless' / Twitter @EkaPusp43536742

In 2021 we saw him playing the handsome character Park Jae Eon in the series "Nevertheless". This complicated love story had Han So Hee in the female lead role. Now, these gorgeous actors are involved in dating rumors.

Han Soo Hee and Song Kang are involved in dating rumors after a photo was revealed

On June 19th, a picture of Han Soo Hee with a tall man was posted on social media. Apparently. Song Kang is the one standing next to the actress. Both celebrities are wearing comfy clothes and watching something on Soo Hee's cellphone.

Moon Sang Min's post / Twitter @TrcCu1

Immediately, the fans were crazy thinking this could be a sign that they are dating. It is a beloved couple since the K-Drama "Nevertheless" was very popular. However, a colleague took the rumors down.

The same day, actor Moon Sang Min posted the picture on his Instagram stories adding the comment "From a 'My Name' cast get together". The actor also tagged a photographer who worked on the project as well.

'My Name' poster / Twitter @citla__hg

Moon Sang Min worked with Han Soo Hee on the Netflix original series "My Name". It is an action drama with a lot of mystery. Well, it seems like the actor has clarified everything, it could be a complicated situation for both actors.

Song Kang will star the second season of "Sweet Home". Read more about it here.

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