'Woori the Virgin' poster 'Woori the Virgin' poster

Im Soo Hyang gets shocking news in latest trailer for 'Woori the Virgin'

Im Soo Hyang is the female lead for the new K-Drama "Woori the Virgin". A new trailer for the show was revealed. Do you want to know what this is about?

The Korean actress Im Soo Hyan is taking the lead role in the K-Drama "Woori the  Virgin". It is a remake of the American show "Jane the Virgin".

It follows the story of a woman who is trying to maintain her chastity before marriage. Eventually, after a medical exam she gets pregnant by accident.

Are you curious about this hilarious plot? Now we got a trailer of this drama. Check all the details here.

'Woori the Virgin' poster / By @kdramaswiwi

4th trailer for  the new K-Drama “Woori the Virgin”

On May 4th SBS dropped a new trailer for the upcoming drama "Woori the Virgin". It stars Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon and Shin Dong Wook. As soon as the clip begins we can see Woori laughing after getting the notifications of her pregnancy. 

The show will show us a romantic triangle between the protagonist and two handsome guys. Lee Kang Jae has been her boyfriend for various years. He is a sweet man that holds himself from kissing his girlfriend in order to protect her wishes. We can see how he tells Woori that he will be by her side no matter what.

Meanwhile the father Woori’s baby is a rich man called Raphael. He is the CEO of a cosmetics company who has offered his help to the protagonist. Eventually, she had her first kiss with Raphael.

In this K-drama we’ll see how Woori is having a hard time choosing between the boys. Lee Kang Jae is annoyed because of the presence of Raphael, who is saying that he will take the responsibility of the baby. Check the full video here.

It sounds really good, right? “Woori the Virgin will be released on May 9.

The show  is almost here, but there are some days left. Meanwhile, check this K-Dramas with plots about celebrities.

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