IU is on the OST of The Sound Of Magic IU is on the OST of The Sound Of Magic

IU was part of The Sound Of Magic soundtrack for free, she let the director use her song

In the new drama 'The Sound Of Magic', we can listen to IU's song 'Knees' as she let them use it for free

IU is an amazing solo artist who has a long career in music, but she is also a great actress. So it's common to hear her in drama OSTs too, like 'The Sound Of Magic', but this time she did it for free.

IU debuted as a solo artist in 2008, after deciding to become a singer in high school. She only spent 10 months as a trainee before going solo and taking much of the Korean public by surprise. She quickly became one of her favorite singers.

Lee Ji Eun's music career continued to grow and she had the best tracks for her fans, she is one of the most popular singers in her country. But IU is not only engaged in music, she also has a great career as an actress. She has appeared and starred in various K-Dramas that show us that she is a multi-talented woman.

There's a lot we can admire about IU, her big heart is also something we can all appreciate. She has been characterized by always helping those who need it most with donations and more charitable acts. Her fans really love everything she does and it's a great thing that she shares what she has for those who really need the help.

And IU's big heart was on display again but this time with the director of 'The Sound Of Magic', a new drama that is available on Netflix. This is how Lee Ji Eun was part of the soundtrack of this series.

IU let The Sound of Magic director use her song Knees on the soundtrack of the drama for free

'The Sound Magic' director Kim Seong Yoon confessed that IU let him use the song 'Knees' for the drama for free. He added it to the end of one of the episodes and obviously the singer had to be credited. So he contacted her to buy the rights to her so he could use her in her K-Drama, but IU's response surprised him. She told him:

I wrote and composed the song myself, so you can just use it


So IU simply allowed her to use the song for the soundtrack, without the need to pay copyright, it was a great deed of this singer, don't you think?

IU and Kim Seong Yoon already knew each other before

IU and director Kim Seong Yoon met a long time ago while they were both working together on the drama 'Dream High'. This K-Drama was filmed in 2011 and Lee Ji Eun was a big part of the soundtrack so the director not only knew about her excellence in acting, but also as a singer.


IU is a well-rounded artist with many talents that we admire, as well as having a beautiful personality, great charisma, and a good heart. We will continue to admire this amazing star from Korea.

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