Hwang In Yeop had a fanmeeting in Manila Hwang In Yeop had a fanmeeting in Manila

Hwang In Yeop visited his fans in the Philippines at his successful fanmeeting

Hwang In Yeop had a great fanmeeting in Manila, how was the actor's event?

Hwang In Yeop's fans had a lot of happy times at the actor's fanmeeting held in the Philippines, here we have everything about this event.

Hwang In Yeop is an excellent actor that we have been able to see in various K-Dramas, among them we can find 'True Beauty', '18 Again', 'The Sound Of Magic' and right now in 'Why Her?' which is still on air. His talents are now admired by fans all over the world.

In the beginning, In Yeop used to be pigeonholed into the same kind of characters for dramas, but little by little, he has been able to unfold into new and different facets that show us more of his amazing talents in front of the cameras. Before debuting as an actor, Hwang In Yeop took to the runways as a model.

In fact, he studied fashion even though he didn't do it in Korea. He lived for 4 years in Davao, Philippines while studying for this degree. After graduating he returned to his country and completed his compulsory military service. And he finally started his work as a model while continuing to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Due to his well-known stay in the Philippines, Hwang In Yeop is extremely famous in the country. It is a place where he has many fans and he has even collaborated with Philippine brands as an ambassador. This time, the actor had a fanmeeting where his fans could spend time with him.

Hwang In Yeop had a great time with his Philippine fans at his recent fanmeeting

Hwang In Yeop traveled from Korea to Manila to have his fanmeeting in the Philippines. This was super successful as thousands of people came to see it. There were different dynamics with the actor introducing himself to his audience happily spending time with HIYLY, the fandom of this amazing K-Drama actor.

This was Hwang In Yeop's first fanmeeting in Manila and he really made his fans very happy who shared a lot of photos and videos of this event on different social media.

Hwang In Yeop will soon have fanmeetings in Singapore and Thailand as well

Hwang In Yeop will have a kind of Asia tour and he will visit countries like Singapore and Thailand with his fanmeetings as well. Fans can purchase their tickets and have great experiences with this amazing K-Drama actor that we admire a lot.

Hwang In Yeop will have more fanmeetings soon | Twitter: @soufflecks

Can you imagine a real full tour of Hwang In Yeop in more countries? Hopefully it will reach Europe, America, Australia and more places where he also has a lot of fans.

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