Hwang In Yeop for 'The Sound of Magic' Hwang In Yeop for 'The Sound of Magic'

Hwang In Yeop reveals heartbreaking story from his childhood

The Korean actor is at the beginning of his career. There are too many unknown things about his personal life. Recently he talked about a sad memory from his childhood.

In 2017 Hwang In Yeop started his career as a model under the label YG KPlus. Just one year later he decided to become an actor. We all are happy that he changed his mind because he is really talented.

The international popularity came in 2020 with his role on the K-Drama "True Beauty". The character Han Seo Jun robbed the hearts of too many with his rebellious but sweet personality.

Actor Hwang In Yeop / By @NAGOYAUNI

This year the schedule of the actor is pretty busy. He worked in the Netflix original series "The Sound of Magic" and just in a few days we'll see him in the male lead role of the drama "Why Her?"

During the promotions of these projects he has been sharing a little bit of himself. This is what Hwang In Yeop said about his childhood Christmas memories.

Hwang In Yeop talks about the things he used to believe when he was a child

'The Sound of Magic' casting / By @MiriamHndzM

Recently, a playful interview with the cast of the K-Drama "The Sound of Magic" was revealed. The actors were asked about some topics related to magic. Hwank In Yeop answered to the question "What's one thing that you believed in when you were young but not anymore":

The actor confessed that he used to believe in Santa Claus until he was in sixth grade. He added:

When I asked my mom for a gift she dryly told me: "Aren't you old enough to know by now?

It's a heartbreaking story.

According to the actress Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Yeop is really different to his character in the show Na Il Deung. Is his true personality a believer? Check the full video here.

Do you like The Sound of Magic? If you want to see more of Hwang In Yeop's acting skills, read this article to know everything about his upcoming show "Why Her?".

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