Hwang In Yeop for 'Why Her?' Hwang In Yeop for 'Why Her?'

Hwang In Yeop recalls his painful story in new teaser for 'Why Her?'

The new K-Drama 'Why Her?' starring Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin is almost. Check here the intriguing new teaser for the show.

Are you looking for a mystery show with a little bit of romance? Then, "Why Her?" is for you. The upcoming SBS K-Drama will follow the love story between a laws students and his professor. It will explore the complicated livportrayedes of the protagonist couple.

The male lead role is portrayed by Hwang In Yeop. He is Gong Cha, a young man who was accused of committing a crime during his teenage years. No one believed in his innocence but the lawyer Oh Soo Jae, the role played by Seo Hyun Jin.

'Why Her?' press conference / By @ChileHiyily

After too many years these two meet again but their situations have changed a lot. The lawyer is now a cold and ambitious woman. However, Gong Chan will do everything to protect her. 

It sounds good, right? A new teaser is here, let's see what this show has prepared.

Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin star the heartbreaking story "Why Her?"

The new teaser is showing us the story of a young boy called Kim Dong Gu. He was accused of killing his stepsister. His only support was the lawyer Oh Soo Jae who says to believe in the boy.

Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop for 'Why Her?' / By @AsianWiki

Even if the culprit got caught his life became a disaster and he lost everything. Eventually, Gong Chan -that little boy- got accepted into the university and he s trying to take care of the lawyer. She was forced to work in the college as a teacher.

The merciless woman was part of the TK Law Firm. Nowadays the only thing she is looking for is to have control of the law firm. She is warning you Gong Chan to stay out of her business. However, the gentle .student says:

It could get dangerous again. Don't do anything.

This interesting show will be premiere on Jun 3th. We just have to wait a little bit more. Check the full trailer here.

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