Hwang In Yeop's fandom was going to have a different name Hwang In Yeop's fandom was going to have a different name

Hwang In Yeop originally had a different name for his fandom

Nowadays, Hwang In Yeop has a lot of fans all over the world, and even if they identify as HIYILY, they were going to have another name

A lot of celebrities name their fans with cute or original names, but Hwang In Yeop had a very importat word for his fandom at the beginning of his career.

Hwang In Yeop is a great actor in dramas and movies, although he hasn't debuted for long, he has quickly gained the attention of millions of fans around the world who show their love, respect, and support for this amazing South Korean entertainment star.

When it comes to fandoms, In Yeop has a pretty big one and just by looking at the number of followers he has on Instagram, we can get an idea of how many people accompany the actor on each new adventure, in dramas, as a model, as an MC and even as a brand ambassador.

Like many celebrities, Hwang In Yeop decided to give his fanbase a name so that his followers can identify themselves and hold this nickname proudly. Letting the world know that those who are part of this fandom will always support this actor.

Although Hwang In Yeop's fandom is known as HIYILY, he had thought of a different way to call his fans, the fan club had an original name that showed the cutest side of this Korean star.

Hwang In Yeop originally wanted to name his fandom as 'FAMILY'

In 2019, Hwang In Yeop had this interview, he was asked to give a name for his FanCafe, a korean site for actors, idols and groups to interact with fans, that's when he came with the idea of 'FAMILY' since his family is the most important thing in his life.

Later on, he decided to name his fandom as 'HIYILY' and now that's how his fans tend to identify themselves proudly, giving all of their love and support for the actor.

Hwang In Yeop wanted his fandom to be a family | Twitter: @hiycutie_inyoup

Aww! Hwang In Yeop is truly grateful and happy for his fans who show all of his love and suppor for him, the fandom keeps growing and that's how HIYILY rules the world.

Hwang In Yeop used the word 'FAMILY' for his actual fandom name

Actually, 'FAMILY' is in 'HIYILY', the fandom name has two meanings, one is the combination of the initials of the actor's name, H, I, and Y; matched with the end of the word 'famILY', as you can see, Hwang In Yeop used the word for the final fandom name.

This is how Hwang In Yeop made his fandom name | Twitter: @swt_yeop

It was Hwang In Yeop who made and chose the name for his fandom, a nickname full of love for those who sopport and love him so much.

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