Hwang In Yeop achieved his dream of becoming an actor Hwang In Yeop achieved his dream of becoming an actor

Hwang In Yeop had to overcome something about himself to become an actor

Hwang In Yeop is an amazing actor who works hard in front of cameras but there's something about him that wouldn't let him shine before

There's no doubt that Hwang In Yeop is a talented actor and he has been working in different dramas since his debut, his dream was to become an actor but he had to overcome some obstacles to achieve it.

We've seen Hwang In Yeop acting in different K-Dramas such as '18 Againg' or 'True Beauty', he started his career after studying fashion, which is not weird at all since there are a lot of Korean actors who start as models before debuting in dramas or movies.

Even if In Yeop debuted as a model before, his dream was to become an actor. He planned well his life, he studied and then enlisted in the army to fullfill his mandatory military service. Then he started modeling and took the spotlights in the runways.

'Why?' was Hwang In Yeop's first webdrama, he didn't have a main role actually but that's always how big stars begin, it's because of his hard work and dedication that he's taking bigger parts in new projects and productions and fans love to see him acting.

But, there was a big obstacle bliacking his way to reach his own dream, Hwang In Yeop had to overcome something about himself to make his dream of becoming an actor true, what was it?

Hwang In Yeop had to overcome his shyness in order to become an actor

Before becoming an actor and even before taking the runways as a model, Hwang In Yeop used to have an introverted personality. He was so shy as a kid, and of course it made him lose some opportunitites since he wasn't confident enough.

Even some people told him that he wasn't to be good as an actor, since he was too shy, but he ignored those comments and as he started to shine in the spotlight of runways, he gained a lot of confidence and that's how he overcame his shyness to become an actor.

One day, I thought to myself, ‘I don't want to regret this. I don't want to hold back any longer.’ and I felt like I was going to challenge my dream of becoming an actor. From then on, I became strangely extroverted.

Hwang In Yeop overcame shyness to become an actor | Twitter: @inyouppics

This is how Hwang In Yeop could become more confident with himself and become a bright star. Now we can enjoy his talents as an actor.

What made Hwang In Yeop want to become an actor?

Hwang In Yeop's true dream was to become an actor and he was inspired by actor Jo In Sung. When In Yeop was a child he watched the drama 'Something Happened in Bali' starring Jo In Sung and that's when In Yeop realized that he wanted to be a K-Drama star too.

Something Happened in Bali inspired Hwang In Yeop | Twitter: @kdramaholicx

Now you know a little bit more about Hwang In Yeop and his dream of becoming an actor, which was true since he overcame his shyness.

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