Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin for 'Why Her?" Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin for 'Why Her?"

Hwang In Yeop drives the internet crazy with his first on-screen kiss in Why Her?

Hwang In Yeop is shocking with his role in the K-Drama "Why Her?". What is the meaning behind his first kiss scene on the show?

The actor Hwang In Yeop is collecting tons of hearts thanks to his acting skill. The 31 year-old artist got massive popularity after his work on the hilarious K-Drama "True Beauty". Here he portrayed the bad but adorable boy Han Seo Joon.

Just a few months ago he shined in the original Netflix show "The Sound Of Music". This handsome man is proving that he can dominate all genres on the screen.

'Why Her?' poster / Twitter @dittohwang

Now he is working on the mystery-romance series "Why Her?". His fanatics are really happy to see him finally in the male lead role. Hwang In Yeop's first kiss scene ever was one of the most emotional moments of the drama. We rea telling you the reason.

Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin's kiss scene is making the public crazy

During the latest episode of "Why Her?", Hwang In Yeop's character Gong Chan is happy after receiving a kiss from the lawyer Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin). This law student is in love with her and finally, he broke down her walls with his sweet actions.

Hwang In Yeop for 'Why Her?' / Twitter @Japsang

The fans of the actor are happy because the first kiss scene of his career is really meaningful. We can see how Oh Seo Jae brings the student closer to kiss him. While our hero is shocked by her action, the beautiful lady sheds some tears.

Seo Hyun Jin for 'Why Her?' / Twitter @cleankdrama

The lawyer is well known for being a cool and ambitious woman. Despite her rude behavior, Gong Chan has been helping and protecting her from those who are trying to hurt her. The viewers are wondering what is the meaning of those tears.

Some fans of the show think this could be a result of their strong relationship. Seo Jae now knows that she can truly trust Gong Chan. The lawyer can be herself in front of her student. Whatever the reason is, the public is praising how the actress portrays the inner conflict of the character.

This story sounds great, right? If you are starting to watch "Why Her?", we have the best synopsis for you.

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