'Why Her?' poster 'Why Her?' poster

Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin stars intriguing new trailer for 'Why Her?'

We just have to wait a few weeks more for the release of "Why Her?". Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun Jin are together for the new trailer of this interesting story. 

The new K-Drama "Why Her?" will be here  pretty soon. For this show we'll see Hwang In Yeop as the male lead character. Gong Chan is a law student with a complicated past.

This story includes a lot of mystery and romance at the same time. The student will be try to protect Seo Hyun Jin's character, Of Soo Jae. She is a fearless lawyer that is well known for brutal ambition. The opposite personalities of this couple will turn into a great story.

'Why Her?' poster / By @DramaChinguNews

Finally a new teaser is here. Do you want to see what will happen between the law student and his professor?

Hwang In Yeop admires Seo Hyun Jin in the new trailer for "Why Her?"

On May 18 SBS dropped a new trailer for the upcoming drama "Why Her?". We can see a little bit of Gong Chan's childhood. After a misunderstanding he was unfairly accused of crime. The kid is annoying because of this and doesn't trust the people as they don't believe in him.

Hwang In Yeop for 'Why Her?' / By @minhavidaeumdo1

Back then tha lawyer in charge of help him was Oh Soo Jae. Despite the rebellious attitude of the boy, she believes his words and wants to clarify his situation. After too many year the protagonists have a runion but both of them had a 180 degree change in their personalities.

Nowadays, Hwang In Yeop's character is a kind and empathic young man. He is really confused after meeting the cool lawyer  again. He says that she wasn't that kind of person.

Apparently, Soo Jae experienced some difficult moments as well. She is just focused on working hard to climb in the law firm to survive. Behind her cold behavior is a deep story. Gong Chan won't give up, even if he  is crossing the line, he is trying to help her now that she lost her job.

The plot sounds very interesting, right? "Why Her?" wil be released on June 3th. We have to wait a few days more to watch this show. Meanwhile check this K-Dramas starring Jinyoung from GOT7, he is a talented actor.

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