Is Lee Min Ho rich? Is Lee Min Ho rich?

How rich is Lee Min Ho? This is the net worth of the korean star

Have you ever wondered if Lee Min Ho is billionare? Get to know his net worth and how much he makes per episode in a K-Drama

Lee Min Ho is a very popular korean actor and he's not only making profit in dramas and movies, he's algo good for spots and publicity, how much mony does he make?

The world of K-Dramas and K-Movies is full of the tallent of Lee Min Ho, the most popular korean actor around the world; we've seen him on dramas such as 'City Hunter', 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', 'The King: Eternal Monarch', and my others with amazing roles on each one.

Thanks to his abilities and passion for acting, every Minho's character takes all of the attention of the public who becomes a big fan of this talented south korean star; that's why he's so popular and has a worldwide success that shows how famous he is.

But he's not only an actor, Lee Min Ho is also a model, creative director and businessman who works really hard to turn his dreams and goals into the reality; even if his popularity makes a lot of brands want to work with him, he also own the world with his own power.

Do you know how rich Lee Min Ho is? We will tell you everything about his net worth, so you'll find out another side of this incredible korean actor.

Lee Min Ho's net worth, is this actor a billionare?

The total amount of Lee Min Ho's wealth nowadays is approximately of $12 million dollars, he's one of the richest korean actors in the industry. Thanks to all of the work that he has done for many productions, but also for his roles as model and brand ambassador.

Is Lee Min Ho billionare? | Twitter: @minozlmho

Lee Min Ho has such a grat career in K-Dramas and K-Movies and all of his work has been recognized and rewarded, that's why he's such a rich star.

 How much does Lee Min Ho make per episode?

It's well-known that Lee Min Ho is one of the highest paid korean drama actors, and it is stimated that he makes from $62k to $80k dollars per episode, since he's not only an actor and thanks to his worldwide popularity he will assure the success for every production that has him on its cast.

Lee Min Ho makes a big amount per episode | Twitter: @minozlmho

Now you know how rich Lee Min Ho is and how much he can make per episode in any korean drama with one of his roles or cameos.

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